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Marriage is a great milestone in one’s life; perhaps the most grandeur event that mark the beginnings of a second innings. For me my marriage was in fact, a dream that I carried in my heart since I was six. But at twenty six, the dreams of flowers and diamonds were merely replaced by excel and power point.

Being a software engineer, my life was a tussle with jam-packed schedule of development and deployment that left no time for me to even have a life. My wedding shopping that was supposed to be fun and joy turned into an energy draining hunt, running from shop to shop under the sun and in the rain. In all these stress and tension, my skin started to lose its charm. The sun tan and the dust made it dull while the constant juggle of my job and wedding preps took away the time to care.

While the lunch and dinner invites as a maiden wreaked havoc on my diet plan; the slipping time and mountain of chores sipped away my life. I gained a kilo or two and the skin was metamorphosed into rough and patchy scales. I could hardly manage to get a leave of 7 days for my own wedding. With so many functions and rituals every day was booked with events and there was no time for salon or rejuvenation. The dates were booked, cards printed, guests were invited and arrangements were all done but looking at the mirror, I just felt so unprepared that I wanted to run away from my own wedding.

I grew irritated with the unnecessary burden of the job and the unfathomable chores of the wedding. I got stressed and anxious that I fought with my fiancé for every little thing. My dream wedding was just fifteen days away and it was definitely not what I dreamt of. My mother felt the tense air stealing my thunder and she introduced me to Ayurveda.

The calming sessions, relaxing therapies, Ayurvedic massage and Brihatri Moisturizing lotion from AyurCentral played the  fairy magic for me. It not just relaxed and calmed me for my big day but every bit of the care made me look angelic on the D-Day.

Since then I have always opted for Ayurveda treatment and  Brihatri Moisturizing lotion as my skin care mantra since one year and today at 38, my skin radiates the charm of twenties.

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