7 Tips To Manage Menopause Syndrome

7 tips to manage menopause syndrome
Menopause Syndrome

Menopause Syndrome is a very important transition in a woman’s life. It is the cessation of menstrual periods which generally occurs in mid or late forties. Menopause is a stage when ovaries stop producing eggs and the secretion of estrogens and progesterone declines. Due to these variations, women tend to go through a roller coaster ride as they proceed towards freedom from bleeding every month.

Every woman is unique and so is their journey towards menopause. While some may enjoy a seamless transition some may encounter even fatal symptoms. The most common symptoms associated with menopause are:

  • Irregular menstruation
  • Hot flashes
  • Headache and body aches
  • Numbness, fatigue, and nausea
  • Anorexia, depression, mood swings and nervousness
  • Intestinal problems
  • Excess or decreased appetite
  • Loss of sleep.
  • Vaginal dryness and lower sex drive
  • Urinary urgency or leakage when coughing or sneezing

Ayurveda offers traditional techniques to deal with these symptoms. Ayurvedic treatment of Menopause focuses on rejuvenating the reproductive system through herbal preparations, tonics, massages, and dietary and lifestyle adjustments. Ayurvedic treatment is gaining increasing popularity across the globe as it comes without any adverse side effects and guarantees better quality of life.

Here we present 7 simple life hacks to deal with the menopausal syndrome in the ayurvedic way:

7 Tips To Manage Menopause Syndrome

Oil massage: Morning abhyanga is extremely important for preventing menopausal problems. Ayurvedic oil massage therapy enhances blood circulation and provides essential moisture to the skin. Daily massage treatment loosens and mobilizes the toxins, opens up all the channels, and flushes toxins out of the system. If not daily, it should be done at least once or twice a week. Abhyanga is an age-old proven technique to ease anxiety and stress.

Hydration: Drinking ample warm water to maintain the water and electrolyte levels of the body is very essential.  Drinking water boiled with sage leaves and coriander seeds and added jaggery is a good detoxifying drink.

Chyavanprash: Chyavanprash is one of the most classic rejuvenating formulas used in Ayurveda. It was formulated to build nutrition and has natural antioxidant properties as Amalaki is its primary ingredient.

Diet: Warm-cooked foods with spices that aid in digestion such as cumin, fennel, coriander, saffron, turmeric, and hing are advised. Avoiding excessive intake of salt, chilies, spices, acidic foods, junk food, and stimulating drinks helps in keeping the system healthy.

Lifestyle: Shifting to a healthy lifestyle and making conscious efforts to maintain a nutritious diet allows one to age gracefully. Practicing yoga, exercise, or meditation helps to stay calm and positive.

Pranayama and Yoga: Pranayama advocates the benefits of breathing slowly and deeply to calm the nervous system, reduce stress, and ease menopausal symptoms. Yoga Nidra is a meditative process where one should lie on the back comfortably for at least ten minutes every day to ease the mind.

Meditation: Menopause can trigger a turbulent flow of emotions. Meditation helps in calming the mind and controlling a positive flow of emotions through the body.

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