Ashwagandhadi Lehya For Anxiety & Sleep Disorders

Ritika, a 30-year-old corporate lawyer, cried out for help for her recent inability to fall asleep. The trouble began four months ago when she started to wake up at 3 a.m. every morning and she was unable to fall back to sleep. Consequently feeling “out of it” during the day. Thinking of it as a passing phase, Ritika stuck to the home remedies and suggested solutions continuing her struggle for days and months.

Exhausted and burned, Ritika would drag herself through the day with extreme tiredness and fatigue. Her performance suffered and confidence quivered. She was forgetful, absent-minded and missed quite a few important leads in her cases. The meticulous girl who never made a mistake in her career is now failing to type even a simple document correctly.

Her concerns fed fuel when she stayed awake for three days straight without even a short nap of peaceful sleep. Worrying about losing her sanity or dying of sleep deprivation she rushed to the nearest AyurCentral clinic to seek help. Worried about the repercussions of the sleeping pills or the artificial aids, she opted for Ayurveda to find a natural remedy.

The Ayurvedic doctor listened to Ritika attentively, asked her a few questions and eased her anxiety with his confidence and calm. He prescribed BrihartiAshwagandhadiLehyam to combat her anxiety and sleep disorder and taught her a few yoga techniques to boost sound sleep. 

AshwagandhadiLehya is a potent herbal revitalising tonic that work wonders in relieving stress and combating anxiety. Its safety is proven and effectiveness is stamped by several researches. Its anti-oxidant properties and mild tranquilizing effect reduces tension and irritability, relieves anxiety and relaxes muscles , thereby inducing sleep.

The prescribed dosage is 1 teaspoon full to be taken along with milk twice daily. A few days of the Ayurvedic dose rebooted her life back to track.

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