Lavana Taila is ayurvedic massage oil which is indicated in obese people to help compliment their diet and workout regime for faster weight loss.


Amongst the six tastes different tastes identified in Ayurveda, Saltiness or Lavana Rasa is considered the best taste to help absorb water and soluble fat. Lavana Taila powered by Rock Salt (Most of the time Himalayan Rock Salt) is massaging oil which is indicated in combating obesity alongside other products and lifestyle suggestions for your weight loss regime.


Lavana Taila is also helpful in relieving stress if massaged properly. It is also indicated in improving blood circulation.




The extra pounds you gained have not happened overnight similarly it is unfair to expect any product to deliver instant results. Many people end up being disappointed with many weight loss products because of their own lack of patience and also at times because of the improper application of the product.


On top of this, all of us must also keep in mind there is no faster way to shed our calories than doing physical exercises. So having any medicine or massage oils as an alternative to physical exercises is only going to disappoint you at large. Lavana Taila on the other hand can actually help you burn your fat faster but the least you must do is follow up your oil massage with some physical exercises, at least mild ones like a Cardio session or brisk walk.


It is also important to have a low fat diet regime. Including more vegetables and fruits in your diet will not only help in your weight loss, it also helps keep you healthy and disease free. Replacing fatty foods which will reduce your vigor with antioxidant rich fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, high-protein cereals and immune modulatory spices will naturally clear the clutters in your head and increase your productivity. When you reduce your fat deposition automatically your exercise and LavanaTaila massage will start providing more visible results.


When your Lavana Taila massage sinks with your other diet and exercise regime it acts as a catalyst to hasten your slimming process.




It is possible to notice visible differences when you follow a diet and exercise regime without Lavana Taila massage for a week and by making Lavana massage a part of your routine in the next. You will notice you lost more pounds in the week where you had topped your exercise routine with an oil massage.


Many companies claim Lavana Taila to be a standalone treatment to help in Obesity but it is realistic to expect visible results when you make it a part of your healthy lifestyle! After all Ayurveda is a lifestyle not a chemical solution to treat symptoms.


So make Lavana Taila a part of your “back to fitness plans” and lead a healthier and happier life.




Apart from weight loss, Lavana Taila can also be helpful to relieve stress and improve blood circulation when massaged vigorously.  Salt has a heating potency and a body massage with the oil is also useful during the winter months to help keep the body warm. It can also help to clear dirt and microbes from the skin.



  • Weight loss
  • Obesity
  • Stress relief
  • Cleansing



For weight loss the oil should be massaged thoroughly with deep friction. An impactful massage helps oil penetrate and also plays a role in dissolving fats. Ideally massage for at least 15-30 minutes and follow it up with a cardio or brisk walk for 30 minutes before washing of the oil with hot water.


For other applications massage deeply and wash of after 30 minutes with hot water.



  • Rock Salt
  • Turmeric
  • Ginger
  • Four varieties of Ficus plants.




Normally the product has no side effects and is safe to use but in certain rare cases


Itching, Skin irritation, and Redness are reported.




This oil is not for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and children

It is not for people who are allergic to the key ingredients, especially for the ones whose skin is allergic to salt.



Lavana Taila is available in our store. 

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