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Ayurcentralonline is a one-stop Ayurvedic store that offers tested, proven and approved Ayurvedic medicines and products, making quality Ayurveda care accessible from all corners of the country. With over 10,000 products from top brands, it brings ancient heritage to aid the modern generation.

Since 2004, when the seed of Ayurcentral first sprouted in Bangalore, it has helped over a million people to discover good health and walk on the way of wellness. Adorned with the titles of “Ayurveda medicine service Provider Company of the year 2017” by Frost and Sullivan award and “Bangalore city iconic brand award 2019” by radio city, Ayurcentral is here to answer the cries of modern ail with the ancient trail.

Ayurcentral Katha

The surreal survey

It all started with a small survey conducted in 2004 out of a young euphoric shot. We attempted to gather perception analysis of 5000 patients across Bangalore to access the demand, reach, awareness and availability of our indigenous healthcare system. Little did we know this simple survey could drive us to a new direction unveiling the meaning and purpose of our life!

The results stunned us! Some complained about the unavailability of trusted medicines and some about the lack of Ayurvedic practitioners in their vicinity, some were plain ignorant about the diversity of Ayurveda and some even doubted its existence. The very first form of medicine in history that was born and nurtured in this very land by our own ancestors is now getting uprooted from the base by 900 years of neglect and 200 years of suppression!!!

And this happened in 2004 when the wave of Ayurveda was taking the West by storm. There was a soaring demand in International markets, the Vedic scripts were getting the stamp of science and people were going gaga over the natural remedies that were safe and affordable.

From the benefits of yoga to the magic of spices, the love for herbal cosmetics to the amazement of classical medicines Ayurveda conquered the charts in many countries. People were gaining the power of knowledge; they discovered the importance of healthy living, their focus shifted from treatment to prevention and they desperately demanded permanent remedies that came without the burden of side effects.

Our survey surfaced similar shrieks of the ailed and diseased who cried for remedies that came without cutting their bodies or crumbing it bit by bit. Infertility, indigestion, constipation and stress; acne, asthma, arthritis and pain, fissures, piles, anxiety and depression, skin woes, infections, pregnancy and childcare; diabetes, obesity, hypertension and insomnia; beauty, hair, skin and ageing and there is a lot more that Ayurveda can wane away!! People could enjoy the bliss of health and happiness only if this gap is bridged with availability and awareness.

The alarm of Ayurveda

These facts on the sheets screamed loud piercing out thoughts. It was like an alarm ringing far off that forced us to wake up, take a stand and make things right. Our discussions deeply hovered on this survey until we finally nailed it with the idea of Ayurvedism, a neighbourhood Ayurvedic store for wellness and illness.

Waking up to the alarm

As they say, it all begins with one step, the first step. We inaugurated our first store at RT Nagar and named it ‘Ayurvedism’. Soon two more stores erupted in Marathalli and Jayanagar. With an in-house Ayurvedic doctor at our store and the top-rated products on our shelves, Ayurvedism became the new destination for health redemption.

We too faced difficulties

Starting the clinic was easy as we were a group of experienced Ayurvedic doctors and seasoned marketers with some great feats to our credits. The rock hit us when we tried to expand this chain. Our very aim was to reach every corner of the city but running multiple stores single-handedly was inexecutable.

But we overcame then

In January 2013 we evolved into a franchise which literally fuelled our rocketing growth. Soon multiple stores sprouted at different locations of the city and rave reviews and testimonials started pouring in. Stories of success and thank you notes from satisfied customers flooded our mail box. This further stimulated us to take Bangalore’s largest multi-brand Ayurvedic chain to every corner of the country.

New challenges new solutions

With our corporate office parked in the beautiful landscape of Malleshwaram we geared up to engulf the whole country with the holistic approach of Ayurveda. But erecting a physical store at every corner of the country was much tougher than conquering the Everest. We knew it was daunting and may be insurmountable, but the desire still kept burning in our heart. This time technology came to our aid and we came up with this amazing idea of launching an online store!!

Ayurcentral – a proud prodigy!!!

Today AyurCentral is a private limited company governed by a board of directors and driven by a squad of professional executives. We have conducted more than 700 free medical camps successfully where we could extend free medical aid to thousands of patients in need. The team worked strenuously to launch several health awareness campaigns and played an incredible role in creating Ayurveda awareness in every locality.

The journey has just begun and you too can be a part of our awesome journey by registering to our newsletters, becoming our consumer or getting on board as a partner!!!!

We need your support, we always did!!