Why AyurCentral?

Two words: Quality and Convenience.
Quality and Convenience

Ayurveda is the science of our ancestors; it literally translates to ‘the science of life’. It is our mission to bring Ayurveda back into our everyday life. Ayurveda expounds a healthier and ethical lifestyle that would ensure your well-being. Ayurveda well known for its goodness but research showed that access to a trusted practice was lacking.
Ayurcentral has made Ayurveda universally accessible. In 2004, our first pharmacy-clinic was started at Bangalore setting its first footstep. We have now grown to 50 + stores across the city. We ensure superior quality raw materials are used in the production of our products. Our research in this field helps us bring a higher standard of QC to the range of products that is stocked.

Ayurcentral & Technology

When telemedicine was bringing about a paradigm shift in medical access, we were on the forefront of this change. Ourout-reach through clinics was increased with the aid of telemedicine. The organized structure opened up a marketplacefor a one- stop-service under the Ayurcentral shopping site. Today we are known as the largest Ayurvedic chain withmore than 10000 SKUs in its portfolio. Our long-term vision is to reach of Ayurveda to every part of our country.

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Founders Story

The co-founders had one single minded objective. Ayurveda’s healing touch has to have a physical presence throughout the length andbreadth of India. Armed with the know-how gained from years of experience in the field and a deep level of understanding at grass rootlevel the need gaps were clearly identified. With the use of technology as the engine for growth, the vision is to make Ayurveda moreaccessible & affordable.The co-founders had only one objective of making Ayurveda reach all. Ayurveda’s healing touch has to reach itsphysical presence throughout India. Having a lot of experience in the field and a deep level of understanding at grass root level, the needgaps were clearly identified. With the use of technology for growth, the vision is to make Ayurveda more accessible & affordable.

Heram Reddy


He holds bachelor degree in commerce from Bangalore University. Started his profession with Dabur & Nirma then got into entrepreneurship journey, founded Ayurvedism, Ayurvedaone, Ayushmart, SAPL and AyurCentral.

Janardhan PS


He holds bachelor degree from university of Mysore. Started his profession with Nirma and Baidyanath and then got into entrepreneurship journey, founded Ayushmart, SAPL and AyurCentral

Dr. Brahmanand Nayak


He holds BAMS from KLE’S BMK Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya and a MD from Government Ayurveda Medical College. He has treated more than 2 lacs patients, successfully treated people with more than 100 clinical conditions.

Dr. Manoj Samantaray


He holds BAMS from the Utkal University, M.D from S.D.M College & a PHD. He has more than 20 years of experience of extensive diagnosis & Drug preparation skills. He has worked in Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science & Research & Art of Living.

Kaushal Kumar Verma


He holds a bachelor degree in commerce (honors) from Ranchi University, ICAI. He has 25+ years of experience with companies like MK Agrotech (Sunpure), Barbeque Nation, Max Hypermarkets(SPAR) Coca-Cola India Inc. and Sodexo India.

Srinivas Pisipati


Distribution specialist with 20+ years of experience in Franchise Operations & Distribution Management. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and has worked with leading FMCG & Telecom Firms.

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Quality Policy

Ayurcentral maintains a strict policy on how we managebrands showcased on the website. The process involvesrigorous clinical trials and expert research by scholars inour laboratories. The raw materials of the products arestudied and ensured best quality before it reaches theshelves and/or are prescribed by our doctors. Premiumquality product is a promise we make to our customers,and we abide by it, at Ayurcentral.

Want your products on our website or shops?

At AyurCentral, we offer a wide range of brandedayurvedic medicine including herbal cosmetics, andwellness products. We stock more than 10,000 productsmanufactured by 350+ Ayurvedic pharma companies.


Interested in our Franchise Opportunity?

Seeking a faster and larger footprint and presence ofAyurCentral pharmacies, we transformed into a franchisemodel of business. The response was instantaneous, andthe outlets started growing throughout the city ofBangalore. AyurCentral has now grown to more than 60stores dotted prominently around Bangalore, Mysore andother parts of Karnataka.



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