Addyzoa Capsules from Charak Pharma is an ayurvedic formula which helps to improve sperm count, sperm quality and its structure. It is useful in treating most Shukra dhatu related disorders including infertility.


Sperm related problems in men are not always about poor sperm count. It can be about the quality of the sperm. Infertility in men can also occur because the sperm though produced in good numbers are not effective in their functions. This is poor sperm quality. At times, sperms can have other deficiencies including bad shape and size which also contributes to infertility. This condition is called teratospermia. The condition in which sperms exhibit poor motility is called asthenozoospermia.


Addyzoa is a one-stop solution to all these diseases. It also prevents these diseases in healthy men. It is also effective in reducing ROS or reactive oxygen species in the body. A built-up of reactive oxygen species in the body can cause damages to the RNA, DNA, proteins, and to the sperms. Addyzoa eliminates these ROS and prevents damage at a cellular level. This increases sperm count, quality, and functions resulting in healthy sex and reproductive life.

The ingredients in Addyzoa promote spermatogenesis, a process in which the sperm is formed from the stem cells in the testicles. This enhances the functioning of the male reproductive system and also modulates hormone levels in men.




Addyzoa Capsule is designed with 22 different ayurvedic ingredients. Most of them are standalone wonder herbs for Shukradhatu related illness. Let us have a glimpse of some of them to understand the multitude of benefits loaded in Addyzoa Capsules.


Astavarga Herbs, the 8 varieties of selected herbal mixture is a dominant ingredient in Addyzoa capsule. It is renowned for its immune-modulatory functions apart from being a wonder cure to multiple illnesses that related to the reproductive system.


Gokshura is the most important herb in treating infertility and its allied disorders in Siddha system of medicine. It is also highly rated in ayurvedic texts for its efficiency in enhancing sperm quality and functions.


Amla is considered the most complete fruit in Ayurveda and no wonder its extracts are an ingredient in this capsule. Amla holistically nourishes the Shukra dhatu and thus helps improve sperm count.


Guduchi is again rated as one of the best immunity boosters. It helps in eliminating toxins that hinder sperm production and thus contributes to the healthy functioning of Shukra dhatu.


Kapikacchu or Mucuna pruriens identified as the most efficient herb in improving Sex health of men. This ingredient is an aphrodisiac that helps improve sperm quality, health and count. It also nourishes and improves the health of the reproductive organs.


No Capsule for sexual health from Ayurveda is complete without extracts from the most trust and proven ayurvedic herb for treating disorders in reproductive excretory and procreative systems. Ashwagandha, the wonder herb is also the main ingredient in Addyzoa capsule and makes up to 150 mg of every capsule (The same quantity of Gokshura, Mucuna and Guduchi).

The capsule also contains 16 more powerful ingredients to relieve you from all kinds of trouble related to male sexual health.



Addyzoa improves sperms count in men

It enhances sperm quality by improving sperm size and shape. 

It prevents damage to sperms from free radicals at a cellular level.

It is highly beneficial in conditions like Ogliospermia, Teratospermia, Asthenospermia, and other sperm related disorders.

Addyzoa enhances sperm motility.

It improves Libido and acts as an aphrodisiac

It might help cure Male infertility if combined with lifestyle changes (including Yoga and meditation)



If the sperm count is less than 10 million/ml it is advised to have to two capsules two times a day before meals in morning and after meals at night or as advised by the physician.

If more than 10 million/ml then one capsule, two times a day.

It is best to consult a doctor to get your personalized doses. An ayurvedic doctor can guide you if you want to consume this as a preventive measure.



Keep out of the reach of children.

A Maximum dose of 6 capsules per day is recommended

It is best to take a break from the capsule for at least 30 days after three months of continuous consumption.



The available clinical trials have shown no side effects on the medicine



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