adulsa: best ayurvedic medicine for cough

adulsa: best ayurvedic medicine for cough

Yogi Adulsa Cough Syrup is a potent Ayurvedic solution for all types of cough. It is very effective in providing instant relief from throat irritation. It soothes the throat, clears the nasal blockage and promotes easy breathing. It’s natural herbal formulation also restores the body’s immunity and helps in curing the symptoms of cold-like stuffed ears and runny nose.  Adulsa cough syrup is a non-drowsy and non-alcoholic formula that tastes great. It is very popular for treating cough in child for its fast effectiveness and good taste. It is also effective in curing respiratory problems in adults.

Why Yogi Adulsa Cough Syrup?

A non-sedative cough syrup 

YOGI ADULSA by YOGI PHARMACY is an herbal cough syrup for all types of cough. With pollution, smoking and allergens reaching a peak, our immune system is under a constant fight. This has resulted in frequent episodes of cough and cold. But the regular cough syrups are infamous for their sedative effects. Cough syrups are known to make one doze off in meetings and reduce efficiency. Thus, the dire need for a natural non-sedative cough syrup has made Yogi Adulsa a favourite among the patients.

Yogi Adulsa is a triple-action formula that works effectively in all types of cough. It contains Adulsa and Kantakari that relieve wet and dry cough. The Haldi and Yastimadhu in it soothe the sore throat. It also contains tulsi that supports the immune system.  Yogi Adulsa is a natural umbrella that protects your health and helps you to breathe freely.


Safe non-sedative cough syrup for the child


Children are more susceptible to cold and cough. Be it the changing seasons or the breezy winds, the increasing pollutions or any other reason children get a cough at the slightest change.

Cough, sneezing, blocked nose and allergies are the most common woes in the little ones. 


This calls for a natural remedy that is not only safe for frequent usage but also fast and effective. Yogi Adulsa is a non-alcoholic cough syrup that acts fast without causing any side effect. It’s a triple-action formula which is 100% natural and causes no side-effects. The best thing is that it is effective in both wet and dry cough. 


The fastest and safest remedy for cough 


Prepared with Adulsa, Kanthakari, Haldi, Yastimadhu and Tulsi, Yogi Adulsa is a 100% natural and safe solution. It’s unique Triple Action Formula, relieves cough, relaxes the sore throat and builds immunity. Prepared with all-natural ingredients according to Ayurvedic texts, Yogi Adulsa is completely safe for kids and adults. It has no side-effects and works well on both wet & dry cough.


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Yogi Adulsa Ingredients:

  • Adulsa
  • Tulsi
  • Kantakari
  • Haldi
  • Yashtimadhu


Yogi Adulsa Benefits:

·  Relieves dry and wet cough.

·  Enhances immunity.

·  Cures cold, sore throat and Bronchitis.

·  Promotes easy breathing.

·  Very effective against allergic cough and smoker’s cough

·  It is non-sedative and does not make one feel drowsy. 

·  It is a non-alcoholic formulation.

·  It is non-habit forming.

·  It is effective in dissolving and removing congealed cough and phlegm.

·  Expels sputum accumulated in the chest and prevents forming new sputum.

·  Dissolves and expels congealed cough and phlegm 

Promotes easy breathing.


·  Acute Bronchitis

·  Productive cough

·  Paediatric cough

·  Smokers cough

·  Asthma

·  Allergic cough


Infants: 1 to 3 ml. 3 to 4 times a day.

Children: 1/2 – 1 teaspoonful 3-4 times a day.

Adults: 2 teaspoonfuls 3-4 times a day.

Use it with warm water.

Or as directed by a physician.


·  Yogi Adulsa is completely safe and effective.

·  It can be used in adults and children.

·  It is useful in all types of cough.

·  Store in a cool and dry place.

·  Shake well before use.

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