Amrith noni: an immunity tonic to promote good health

ValYou Products has come up with a unique Ayurvedic formula to rejuvenate your entire body, improve immunity and enhance your health. Its product branded as Amrith Noni is a mixture of the exotic wonder fruit Noni with other Indian Ayurvedic fruits and herbs including Giloy, Amla, and Winter cherry.  Amrith Noni also has a lot of benefits to improve our overall health.


Noni also known as Indian Mulberry, it is a shrub that grows on the lava flows of India, South East Asia, and Australia. The flowers are white in color and tubular, while the fruits are relatively larger with a greenish-whitish-yellow hue. Noni juice is proven to have so many health benefits that people have started associating it with heavenly nectar or Amrit.


Many companies have come up with their own brand of Noni juices. Noni juices have also come under scrutiny from regulatory agencies in Europe and America for their exaggerated claims. They were also alleged for hiding the potential liver damaging property of the juice. Amrith Noni juice is also enriched with ayurvedic herbs and fruits including Ashwagandha and Amla which help prevent the damage to the liver that is caused by other Noni juices.


Amrit Noni is one of the best health juices available it the market. It is so much rich in nutrients that it has come under scrutiny from the scientific community because of its excessive nutrients which can cause misbalances in people who already have a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Noni juice has been suggested to treat bacterial, viral, and fungal disorders. Noni juice has also been indicated in the treatment of inflammatory diseases, diabetes, and chronic pain. It is also helpful to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides. Some traditional practitioners all over South Asia also indicate this juice for the treatment of Cancer.




Amrith Noni Juice is indicated to have two vital ayurvedic properties Balya and Rasayana

The Balya property makes it a strength promoting substance.

The Immune modulatory, anti-stress and anti-aging properties are the Rasayana qualities in Amrith Noni.




  1. Noni juice helps treat conjunctivitis.
  2. It is indicated in the prevention and treatment of common cold and seasonal flu
  3. Many people have claimed to be relieved from depression, anxiety, and stress on regular consumption of Amrit Noni
  4. It helps lower blood pressure.
  5. It is useful in diabetes. Noni juice activates soluble dietary fiber and reduces the absorption of sugars from the stomach.
  6. It is traditionally used in multiple cultures like Samoa, Hawaii, etc to stop diarrhea in infants.
  7. It is indicated to cure most bacterial infections
  8. Amrit Noni is at times indicated to help recover broken bones and also as a supplement for arthritis.
  9. It can help in tuberculosis
  10. It can heal piles and also help in healing other internal wounds
  11. It is indicated in throat and mouth infections
  12. It also acts as a total tonic and is a rejuvenator.



Noni juice can cause a high rise in the levels of potassium in the body and people with unexplained potassium elevations must be careful

It is not advised for people with kidney problems

Studies have shown that unregulated consumption of Noni juice could potentially damage liver.

Noni has a laxative effect and hence overconsumption can result in diarrhea

Noni also interacts with at least 92 different drugs and hence it is advised to consume Noni juice only under medical supervision

Amrit Noni tries to balance most of these effects by including ayurvedic superfruits including Ashwagandha and Amla in its ingredients.





Strength promoting

Immunity booster



It is advised to start your Noni dosage with the smallest quantities and slowly increase with time

Your physician can help you find the right progression to consume Amrit Noni.

It is generally advised to start with 5ml for the first week and then move to 10 ml and 15 ml in the subsequent weeks.



Amrit Noni can be purchased online and in all Ayurcentral stores.

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