An End is just a new beginning

Some of the most beautiful chapters in our life unveil when we least expect it. For me the day I signed my retirement seemed like an end of an era; an era of content and pleasure, of true happiness and success that came from nurturing young minds year after year. I served as an economics professor and my life was all about the classes, the assignments, the tests, semesters, results and of course the extra classes.

With such a busy and hectic life, it was all about the rush and race. Life has been stable, certain and routine for so long that now the question of ‘what’s next’ bolstered a wave of anxiety and panic.

Finally, the D-day came and went changing my life all in a whisk. A big part of my life, my engagement, my work is now over and that bought such a gap, so much free time that I didn’t know what to do and where to go.

One day, I sat in front of the mirror staring at the image for the longest time. The woman in fine lines, grey hair, a bit shaggy skin and the dull eyes stared back at me, urging me to take the dive and make the life the way I wanted it.

I started taking care of myself which was always the last thing in my list. I made self-help my priority, joined a women’s club, started yoga and switched to a healthy life.

It was my women’s club that introduced me to AyurCentral, an Ayurvedic store that has the best collections of natural Ayurvedic products. A few friends recommended Brihatri moisturizing lotion for the ageing skin. It was thick but absorbing, and the natural ingredients made it safe and effective. I embraced AyurCentral with open arms for their really alluring  collection and consulting their in-house doctor gave me the assurance of using the right thing.

Over many such coffee, confabs and women’s talk, I stumbled upon the idea of entrepreneurship. So, I can certainly say, “Retirement is the most wonderful thing. You get to enjoy all the things you never stopped to notice and missed out in life all the way up.”

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