The Best Ayurvedic powder to get relief from Chronic Constipation is Anuloma Churna from Sagar Pharmaceuticals. It is a highly effective laxative prepared by a dried and powdered herbal mixture. It eases the bowel movements and aids in easy evacuation of feces. In case of constipation due to piles, Anuloma Churna helps in strain-free defecation. It has strong carminative properties and relieves flatulence and eases evacuation.  In rare cases, doctors also prescribe this powder to reduce belly fat. Anuloma Churna is very high in fiber and is one of the best laxatives available in the market.



Gastritis is irritating and can make one lose his peace of mind. Apart from discomfort, it can results in pain in various parts of the body. Anuloma is stuffed with the goodness of herbs like Senna and Liquorice (Yastimadhu). Both these ingredients make Anuloma churna a powerful carminative. They act on gastritis and provoke flatulence and thus provide relief instantly.



If you are having trouble in passing stools if your daily duty is turning out to be a nightmare. Anuloma Churna is the best laxative to relieve you. Senna, an ingredient in Anuloma Churna is very rich in fiber content. This makes the powder very potent, and even if you are a chronic sufferer of Constipation, Anuloma Churna relieves you. It brings about strain-free evacuation.



Passing stools when you an inflammation down there is going to be really challenging. One of the biggest nightmares of a piles patient is to evacuate his bowels without any hassle. Anuloma Churna provides relief by easing the evacuation process with its high fiber and digestion promoting ingredients.



Digestion promoting ingredients like Ajwain powder, Cumin powder, and Dry Ginger powder are also packed in Anuloma Churna. The improved digestion results in lesser fat accumulation especially in the belly and abdominal region. Hence many Ayurvedic doctors prescribe Anuloma Churna in mild dosages to help in weight loss.





Ajwain: It has been historically used to promote weight loss, relieve flatulence and constipation and promote healthy digestion.

Cumin powder (Jeeraka): A common household spice is very well known for its ability to promote natural bowel movement.

Haritaki: Haritaki is a mild laxative. It is used as one of the three main ingredients in the ayurvedic rejuvenator ‘Triphala’ and is a complete tonic for the body.

Yastimadhu (Liquorice): It is very rich in fiber and nourishes the intestines. It also relieves constipation.

Dry Ginger Powder: It is very beneficial in reducing inflammation, menstrual pain, indigestion and cholesterol management amongst others. Also called a Shunti Churna, it is a laxative in itself and can relieve flatulence.

Rock Salt: Rock Salt helps improve digestion and boosts metabolism. It also promotes sleep and helps reduce stress.

Swarnaksheeri: This plant extract is only added in traces in Anuloma Churna. Swarnaksheeri is used to treat tapeworm infections.



People with Hypertension should consume this herbal formula only under medical supervision

An overdose of this product may cause an increase in Blood Pressure

It can be administered for children in limited doses as per a physician’s advice

It is safe for lactating mothers if taken as per the advice of a doctor.

It is best to avoid Anuloma Churna during pregnancy.

Always store in a cool dry place and in an airtight container.



It is generally recommended to take ½ to 1 teaspoon of Anuloma Churna with a glass of lukewarm water before bed.

It can be taken for up to three months with a gradual decrease in dosage.

Since prescriptions for Ayurvedic medicines are almost always personalized, it is best to consult a physician for your personal dosages.

It is advised to take this medicine at least 30 minutes after consuming an allopathic drug. It does not react with homeopathy medicines.



Anuloma Churna is available in all Ayurcentral stores.

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