As a result of our stressful lives, many men and women alike suffer from the reduced sexual drive. This has a negative impact on their family lives and they are forced to look out for sex therapists and doctors to sort out their lives. That is when an ancient Indian plant comes to their aid, Ashwagandha!

What if we told you irrespective of your gender and sexual orientation there is a herbal formula which can rejuvenate your sexuality. What if there is a one-stop solution in a herb which enhances your sex life and potentially help improve brain function, keep stress at bay, slightly aid balance blood sugar levels and cholesterol, all this without any side effects!

Withania Somnifera, popularly known as Ashwagandha, Indian Ginseng or Wintercherry has been used to treat sexual problems for thousands of years.  It helps reducing stress levels and enhances the sex hormones.


The stress levels due to our present lifestyle are the the reason why Men tend to face hair fall, loss of muscle mass and sexual drive relatively early these days. All of this comes down to the millions of cells and their functioning in our body

The cells in our body continuously withers and are regenerated. As a result of our unhealthy lifestyle and stress our body’s natural ability to regenerate the lost cells goes down, this results in hastening the ageing process and as a result, the loss of sexual drive and capacity. This can be very damaging to one’s sex life. 

According to a research paper titled “Withania somnifera improves semen quality by combating oxidative stress and cell death and improving essential metal concentrations” by Lucknow based researchers from Indian Institute of Toxicology, C.S.M Medical University and Central Drug Research Institute “Ashwagandha improves sexual health and increases semen quality in men by halting the ageing process by reducing the pace of cell deaths and improving the overall mental condition of the person.”

The Cells die quicker and the body fails to reproduce them at the rate at which it is lost due to our bad lifestyles. Ashwagandha prevents the cells from running out and increases their life spans giving more time for the body to replace the lost cells and this help men retain their youth and vigour for a longer time.



Winter cherry is normally presented as a herb which helps improve the sexual health of men.

How about women?

Ashwagandha helps women improve their libido while also helping one stay without exhaustion for a relatively long time. As a result, it enhances possibilities to achieve orgasm.

“Efficacy and Safety of Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) Root Extract in Improving Sexual Function in Women: A Pilot Study” a research conducted by Swathi dongre, Deepak Langde and Shauvik Bhattacharya administered 300 mg of Ashwagandha root extracts for 8 weeks to 50 women subjects and observed positive improvement in their sexual health.



Ashwangandha is an aphrodisiac and is supposed to enhance the Shukra dhatu, the reproductive tissues and cells associated with it.

Ayurveda enlists the seven fundamental tissues or Saptadhatus which the food nourishes starting from the Rasa dhatu or plasma to the Shukra dhatu or Reproductive tissues. Every food we consume starts by nourishing the Rasa dhatu and then move to the Rakta dhatu and so on. Only the most effective foods will reach Shukra dhatu. It is generally agreed that foods that nourish the Shukra dhatu or reproductive tissues will nourish all the other tissues on its way and hence is the most nutritious food we can consume.  So Ashwagandha which nourishes the Shukra dhatu can act as a total rejuvenator for the body.






So be it stress, reduced sexual drive, bad mental state or poor sex life Ashwagandha is a one-stop solution for most of your needs.

The benefits of Ashwagandha proven by research doesn’t end here, It sure is a wonder herb, a gift from nature for humanity.



Ashwagandha is very common in India. The extracts from Ashwagandha is available in form of Churna (powder), Lehya (Ayurvedic  Jam) and also in the form of tablets. Check out our store for more!

Consult our health experts for more on Ashwagandha and to get your personalized dosages.


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