A revolutionary ayurvedic alternative Ayurdhantham to your toothpaste

ayurdhantham to your toothpaste

ayurdhantham to your toothpaste


Ayurdhantham is an ayurvedic mouthwash liquid that is exclusively made from herbal ingredients indicated in the ancient ayurvedic texts for dental care.

Vigorous brushing with chemical toothpaste over a long period of time can have its own negative consequences. At times, the pressure from your toothbrush itself can cause damages to your gums.

If you are amongst those who prefer to keep chemically prepared toothpaste at bay and also prefer to make your morning brushing easier, this ayurvedic product; Ayurdhantham is tailor-made for you. Ayurdhantham is like a mouthwash liquid.

A 60-second gargle with Ayurdhantham can completely refresh your breath and at the same time cleanse your teeth and strengthen your gums.

When gargled thoroughly Ayurdhantham cleanses the teeth and removes food particles that get stuck in between the teeth. It also kills all tooth illness and bad breath causing bacteria and viruses in the mouth.

Ayurdhantham is a unique herbal formulation that is clinically tested and proven for its efficacy.

It is also certified for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) which means the product is prepared with the best ingredients in a hygienic and secure environment to give the best results to consumers.


Triphala or a mixture of three powerful herbs Amalaki, Bibitaki and Haritaki is amongst the primary ingredients of Ayurdhantham. They are one of the best-known sources of vitamin C.

This is the teeth vitamin and its deficiency causes scurvy, tooth decay, tooth infections, and a multitude of other dental diseases. Triphala is one of the best sources of vitamin C.

The three herbal ingredients in Triphala are also rich sources of almost every other vitamin and minerals. It nourishes the teeth and gums.

It prevents all kinds of teeth and gum diseases. It also removes bacteria and viruses in the mouth because of its high anti-microbial properties.

Neem bark and leaves are used even by modern toothpaste manufacturers because of its powerful ability to nourish the oral region comprehensively.

It is mentioned in many ayurvedic texts for its ability to prevent tooth decay and cavities. It also has powerful anti-microbial properties.

A trip to rural India is all we need to witness people all around chewing Neem twigs in the morning as a substitute for their regular brushing. This is how popular the use of Neem is for dental care.

The efficacy of Neem to provide complete oral care has also been proved scientifically by many researches.

Bakula fruits have an astringent and sweet taste. Bakula is also used in Ayurveda to prevent all kinds of dental disorders. Bakula extracts infused water is used as a mouth wash to gargle.

It cleans the teeth and provides a refreshing breath. It also helps to strengthen the gums and teeth. It is very effective in strengthening the root of the teeth and hence is historically indicated to strengthen loosened teeth.

Yastimadhu is also effective in keeping teeth healthy. It is very effective in teeth whitening. If one approaches an ayurvedic physician and asks for an herb to help remove the yellow stains on one’s teeth, the answer will almost always be yastimadhu!

It is also highly effective in healing tooth cavities. Yastimadhu is also indicated in healing gum diseases.


Himalayan Rock Salt is used by many leading toothpaste manufacturers as an ingredient in their products. The efficacy of salts or saindhava to protect the teeth is proven scientifically.

Pippali is also an ingredient that is combined with saindhava in many ayurvedic toothpowders. It is also highly rated for its efficacy in teeth cleansing and in oral care.

The combination of these ingredients makes Ayurdhantham, a-go-to-product for the best kind of dental and oral care. This is a product for the ones who desire the best in the easiest-to-use-forms for their teeth.


Mouth Ulcer

Throat Pain

Bad Breath

Tooth Pain

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth Plaque

Tooth Decay

Loosen Gum

Coated Tongue

Bleeding Gums

HOW TO USE Ayurdhantham

Pour 2.5 ml of this mouth wash in your mouth and gargle thoroughly for one or two minutes.

It can replace your regulate brushing habit or can also be used after your brushing for enhanced oral health.

It is also be used after meals to remove micro-particles in the mouth.

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