Ayurveda Or Expensive Shampoos

The secret of Rapunzel’s hair

In modern day fairy tales we can hardly imagine someone with a mane like Rapunzel. For in today’s time keeping the locks lustrous is merely a farfetched dream.  Fortunately, the princess lived in times when the forests were lush, the air was clean, and life was fairly uncomplicated.

The problem with hair today is that it is besieged by enemies of all kinds. How long, after all, can a delicate strand withstand assault from mighty foes like ageing, hormones, heredity, trauma, autoimmune disorders, thyroid disease, prescription drugs, pollution etc.

No doubt scientists and product researchers are fighting back valiantly. Every month, if not every day, a new product is launched, a new drug researched, and a new finding announced. The effort worldwide is to keep hair from falling, thinning, greying, or even dulling.

As such the shops are inundated with anti dandruff shampoos and oils, medications and preparations. But more often than not these chemicals just add on to the damage of the strands.

The expensive products come at the cost of dangerous side effects causing temporary or permanent damage to the mane robbing the lustre of beautiful tresses.

Digging deeper into the secret book of Rapunzel we discovered the mysterious Ayurvedic tricks to keep the hair healthy strong and shinning.

 The solution for most hair problems lies in the books of nature.

The perfect blend of neem, ginger and tulsi clears the scalp, fights harmful microbes, nourishes the scalp and strengthens hair from within.

Brihatri’s natural Dandrall oil and anti-dandruff shampoo is an amazing cure to fight dandruff, hair fall, split ends and ageing of the strands.

No side effects, no staggering expenses, no transplants or artificial fixes to restore your crowning glory. Just some basic lifestyle tips along with dandrall oil and Brihatri anti dandruff shampoo is enough to turn heads with gorgeous mane.

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