Ayurveda Vs Allopathy Vs Allopathy – Dr. B.M.Hegde’S Take

                                                            Ayurveda Vs Allopathy – Dr. B.M.Hegde’s take

Belle Monnapa Hedge, the acclaimed Padma Bhusan awardee, renowned cardiologist, medical scientist, educationist and author is a staunch follower of Ayurveda. He completed his MBBS degree from Madras University and earned his MD from Lucknow University and got his training in cardiology from Harvard Medical School. He also has quite a few specializations from international universities.

Born 18 August, 1938, in Moodubelle in Udupi district in India, the man travelled the world, studied medicine across the globe yet found the best treasure back in home hidden securely in the Vedic texts. 

Dr. B. M. Hegde advocates living by nature. He says lemon is the best medicine for an acidic stomach. A vegetarian himself, he widely professes natural diet traditionally made and locally grown food, recipes passed on by ancestors. 

The leading cardiologist also criticizes the way medicine is practised and patients are treated in most places. He highlights the dark shades of modern medicine with the simplest analogy of how the human body is seen as a car machine which can be repaired part by part. But the fact of the matter is that the human body is a whole entity and it needs to be treated in entirety. 

He quoted, “Anybody who walks into a hospital with complaints of chest pain is made to undergo angiogram whereas there is a need to understand heart blocks. Once you get caught in the whirlwind, you continue to remain a patient.”

Dr. B. M. Hedge sheds light on the dark side of medicine saying that curing one disease should not lead to another; this is quite a possibility when the treatment is emphasized on just finding a fix without even giving a deeper look into the possible source or cause of the problem. Like a cure for pain shall not trigger gastric or some sleeping aid shall not play with the hormones.

Author of over 40 books, the scientist holds high regards for alternative forms of medicine like Ayurveda and keeps his mind open to any form of medicine that could aid a better solution to his patients. 

He highly admires the 5000 years old natural science of Ayurveda that holds a holistic approach towards health and overall well being. It goes to find the root cause of the problems and restores the lost balance with the aid of nature.

Mr. Hedge does not shy away from making bold statements and stating the facts of Ayurvedic efficacy. Infact, he even said on multiple platforms that coconut oil is the best oil for the heart.

He also stands by Ayurvedic approach of life through positive thinking and righteous living. The scientist says, “It’s not what you eat but what eats you (the thoughts) kills you,” he says. “The key is to cultivate positive thoughts and surround yourself with positive emotions. Quantum healing is the new method of healing. Your mind can heal you”.

Dr. Hegde, further opposes the burgeoning fitness craze among the young urbane crowd driven by the belief that fitness leads to good health. But chasing fitness is not chasing health. Being healthy is being happy, being contempt and being disease free.

So, in this battle of Ayurveda vs Allopathy, Dr.Hegde prefers ‘Coordinated medicine’, that’s futuristic and meta treatment. It’s a combination of various genres of medicine. He says that modern medicine is a perfect fit for emergency care and corrective surgery and Ayurveda is the best thing for in-depth and permanent cure.

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