Most disorders in Ayurveda are a result of an imbalance in the Tridoshas.  Hair fall occurs as a result of an imbalance in the Pitta. An aggravation of pitta reduces the digestive and metabolic functions of the body and hence there is a deficiency in the supply of nutrients to the scalp and hair fall occurs.

Hence the most important thing is to balance Pitta. Pitta is linked to the fire element and is one which is responsible for digestion and metabolism. Liver and Stomach are the seat of Pitta. To balance pitta and to prevent hair fall one shall follow the following steps


Consuming more foods with a cooling virya (potency)

Avoiding pungent and spicy foods

Get a good physical exercise every day. This helps in the circulation of blood and thus more nutrients can reach the scalp.

As much as possible having a balanced diet with respect to the six tastes and climate

Oil Massage one’s scalp regularly

Meditate to reduce stress

Eat at regular intervals, avoid skipping meals

Follow Dinacharya (daily habits recommended in Ayurveda) and Rituacharya ( season specific habits)

Stay hydrated, drink adequate amount of water in regular intervals

Get a good quality of sleep. Sleeping at the right time (night) is also very important. Not getting proper sleep can also cause hair fall as it heats up the skull.

Reduce the use of chemical shampoos and opt for natural alternatives like Shikkakai powder.

Practicing relevant Yogasanas. Asanas like Shirsh asana or head stand and Sarvaanga asana or shoulder stand can help fitter and more balanced people combat hair fall.

Avoid leaving the hair wet for long, since this can cause damage.


Even when you miss out on some of the above points because of your lifestyle and personal situations, there are other alternatives which can help you preserve your hair. Some of the important ones from Ayurveda for the hair are: –




Bringha is one of the most common yet the most effective hair care plant. Bringha can be used by processing the plant in Coconut Oil for use in the summer season (for cooling effect) and in Sesame oil for use in the winter season.


Amla or the Indian Gooseberry is very effect to treat hair fall and in greying of the hairs. Amla is also a natural immunity booster and is one of the few foods which balance all three Tridosas. Amla also contains all six tastes and is highly rated amongst ayurvedic practitioners.

Amla, like Bringha is processed in coconut oil and applied on the hair to prevent hair fall. Multiple brands have come with their own brand of amla hair all. Almost all of them are available at Ayurcentral


An herb with great dirt removing qualities, Shikkakai is filled with anti-oxidants and its application to the hair in form of powder is an alternative to shampoo.  Shikkakai is also very effective in reducing hair fall.

Coconut Oil

Though largely used as base oil to infuse goodness of other herbs, Coconut Oil in itself is an amazing product which can be regularly massaged on to the scalp for a healthy hair.

Aloe Vera

Regular application of Aloe Vera gel on the scalp will cool the scalp and help reduce hair fall.


A mixture of crushed and juiced Licorice and milk can be applied on the bald patch to get the lost hair and to try and activate dead hair follicles.

Apart from the above mentioned there are multiple products from Ayurveda which help prevent hair fall and promote hair growth even in patches which have gone bald.


Ayurveda has a well laid out system to treat hair fall. In this system there is scope to prevent hair fall, increase hair density and to bring back to life the dead follicle. Hence Ayurveda can be very useful in hair fall treatments.

All kinds of products for hair fall are available on www.ayurcentralonline.com in the Hair health section.

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