Ayurvedic Face wash Cream for Acne

Ayurvedic Face wash Cream for Acne

Ayurvedic Face wash Cream for Acne:

Did you ever wake up to awful acne dotting your face? The stubborn zits cropping up on an important day? The dark spots refusing to leave. The pus-filled acne popping up at awkward times. Well, if yes; then you too belong to the populous ‘I hate acne’ club!

Acne is a very common problem among both men and women. It causes redness and inflammation and draws uneven mountains on the face. Though it can appear on other parts of the body, acne on the face is more common.

It does not just cause pain and itch! An acne filled face shatters your confidence and digs a ditch of depression. While poking and popping are a complete no-no. Using chemical cosmetics is an even bigger crime.

Chemicals aggravate the irritation and break out of your acne. Thus, going natural is the best bet to fight acne and its associated problems. Ayurveda offers an array of effective and natural solutions that are proven to work well in acne.

So, if you are looking for a permanent solution to problematic skin and acne. Then you must check out for these natural remedies.

Here we have listed 3 best Ayurvedic face washes that you can use to keep acne at bay!

3 Best Ayurvedic face washes for acne


Purifying Neem Face Wash – Himalaya

You probably have heard about this most amazing Himalaya Neem Purifying facewash. Ideal for all skin types. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory actions are very effective in healing acne infected skin.

Himalaya Neem Face Wash is a soap-free herbal formulation that cleans impurities and clears pimples. A combination of Neem and turmeric, it is known for its miraculous medicinal benefits.

It relieves itchiness. Reduces redness. Lessens irritation. Soothes inflammation. Cures acne. Erases dark spots. Prevents recurrence of acne. Removes Excess Oil and Impurities. Improves general skin tone.


Aroma Neem & Tea Tree Face Wash is another natural face wash that kills the acne-causing bacteria. It is specifically designed for oily and acne-prone skin. It helps maintain the sebum balance of the skin. Removes impurities. Eradicates acne from the roots.

Its natural neem and rose extracts help prevent blackheads. It soothes skin irritation. Improves skin tone. Lightens scars and blemishes. Controls and prevents acne. This natural face wash is free of paraben, soap, alcohol, artificial colouring and fragrance.

It causes no side-effects. No roughness or dryness. Perfect for the pouch, it is a great addition to your skincare regime for light, bright and acne-free skin!


Neem Face Wash – Lalas

Lalas Neem Facewash is a herbal ayurvedic face wash for acne. Its antibacterial properties take on the acne-causing bacteria. Neem’s anti-inflammatory actions reduce redness, puffiness and inflammation of the skin.

This natural Ayurvedic face wash suits every skin type. It takes off the dirt, dead skin and bacteria without robbing the natural moisture of the skin. Regular use for It tones and nourishes the skin. It gives a soft and smooth feel to the skin.

This is a mild acne-treating facewash that you can try on any skin type!


·  Do not use these face washes more than three times a day.

·  Apply on a wet face and wash it off.

·  Do not apply them as a mask or keep them on for long.

·  Apply a natural moisturizer after face wash.

Ayurvedic Tips for Fighting Acne

·  Aloe vera gel is a great remedy for acne.

·  Green Tea can ward off even the most stubborn acne.

·  Focus on better digestion.

·  Try detoxification once in a while.

·  Ayurvedic massages improve blood circulation. And using the right oil magically erases the acne

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