Ayurvedic health tips for adolescent girls

adolescent girls

Adolescence can be a stressful time as the body and mind undergo drastic changes while transforming from a tween to a teen. Discovering your sexuality, understanding the process of metamorphosis, peer pressure and what not, there is too much that a little mind can handle.

The ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy teaches ways to become naturally beautiful that is not just limited to the physical body but extends its warmth to the heart and soul of a person. Ayurveda rightfully claimed that all our emotions joyousness, gloom, sadness and relaxation are mirrored by the face and can’t be concealed even with the most ethereal cosmetics. 

Ayurvedic Diet 

How we eat is as important as what we eat. A nutritious diet eaten properly in a settled environment helps the digestion system do its work smoothly. Foods that are natural and pure offer the most valuable nutrition while the ones genetically altered, processed or refined have much of their nutrition stripped off. 

    • Avoid bingeing on anything immediately after having your lunch or supper. Let the food settle and digest perfectly.

    • Cut off the foods that are too sweet or fatty.

    • Avoid ice-cold drinks as they disrupt the digestive fire and hinder the assimilation of vital nutrients.

    • Avoid food preparations that are hot and spicy and switch to boiled food as it preserves the nutrients better than fried ones.

    • Invest in fresh fruits and veggies as much as possible.

    • Drink plenty of warm water, juices, and soups.

    • Half teaspoon of dry roasted fenugreek should be consumed daily. This magical potion is a natural hormone balancer and cures pimples, prevents premature greying of hair and improves fertility.

    • Just a spoon of ghee and sesame oil in your diet helps to reduce menstrual cramps, improves muscle and joint strength and works wonder for hair and skin. 

Indian Ayurvedic Beauty Tips

It’s mentioned in the Vedas the secrets to soft, glowing, radiant skin lies in the lap of nature. The right amalgamation of our kitchen ingredients can make for some splendid skin and hair care treatment.

    • Tomato juice blended with one teaspoon of lemon juice works well as an astringent opening the pores, fighting acne, removing blackheads and tans and relinquish a fresh look every time. 

    • Moisturize your skin with a mixture of lemon, honey, and vegetable oil. 

    • Caress your skin with a paste of raw carrots to get glowing skin clear of blemishes and marks. 

    • Apply orange juice to the face for soft and smooth skin.

    • A lotion of rose water, lime juice and glycerin mixed in equal proportion is a great treatment for pimples, blackheads and other marks on the skin. 

    • Combat sunburn with a paste of turmeric, raw milk, and lemon juice. 

    • Use buttermilk mask to brighten skin, fade brown spots, even out tone and treat sunburn. The lactic acid in buttermilk makes for a great exfoliate. 

    • Oil and warm bath improves complexion and has great anti-aging effects.

    • Get good sleep.

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