Ghee is a sacred dairy product oozing with health benefits. It has been used since centuries in religious activities for its auspicious benefits. The soothing smell of ghee creates a ring of positivity.

A great digestive and appetizer, natural and organic ghee have been used in India for generations. Be it in cooking regular meals or in preparing different types of snacks and prasads, ghee has a reputable position.

Rich in aroma and texture, ghee is great for immunity, digestion, strength and growth. It is highly recommended for young children to support growth. Ghee is also an essential item in the diet for adults as it supplements their nutrient requirements along with boosting health and healing.

Desi Ghee is particularly recommended in pregnant and lactating mother to retain their energy in tenacious times. It helps them maintain the skin glow and lustre despite the tiresome grind.

Why you must add Desi ghee to your diet?


·  Improves immunity 

·  Contributes to better nutrition.

·  Helps to maintain the cholesterol level.

·  Aids digestion.

·  Promotes healing.

·  Relieves inflammation.

·  Enhances skin and hair.

·  Helps in building stronger bones.

·  Prevents blisters and scarring.


You can also try ghee massage to enjoy the benefits of this auspicious sneha on topical application.

Does Ghee cause Weight Gain?

No. It actually aids in weight loss!

The medium-chain fatty acids in ghee boost fat burning and amp up weight loss. Research has shown that daily consumption of the recommended portion of ghee helps in decreasing body weight, waist and hip circumference, total fat, and belly fat.

It makes a great replacement for butter and oil that you use to cook your food!


Which one to buy?

Check out these three best Ayurvedic Ghees recommended by nutritionist.


Desi Cow Ghee – 18 Herbs


Desi Cow Ghee, an amazing blend of 18 herbs, is the purest form of cow ghee. It is churned with hands as per ancient traditions. It is rich in fat-soluble vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. It aids good digestion and maintains good gut health. 

18 herbs Desi Cow Ghee contains Brahmi. The herb is known for enhancing memory, cognitive functions and learning skills, especially in children.

When taken in the right quantity, ghee helps in maintaining proper lipid profile. It helps to cut down on VLDL levels. Ghee is also known to increase memory power and immunity power. It makes one strong and healthy. 

18 herbs Desi Cow Ghee does not break down into toxic free radicals like other oils and fats. It does not cause lactose intolerance like milk or yoghurt.



Pure Deshi Ghee – Organic India

Pure Deshi Ghee by Organic India is made from grass-fed cow’s milk. Prepared from the finest quality of milk, it is a great mix of essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6. Pure Deshi Ghee has a rich nutrient profile and contains no hydrogenated oil.

This composition contains healthy fat-soluble vitamins. This ghee is heat stable and is best for cooking. It contains healthy fat-soluble vitamins which help in the absorption of nutrients in foods that are essential for good health. 

Pure Deshi Ghee does not spoil easily. It helps in digestion, balances excess stomach acid. Further, helps in maintaining and repairing the mucous lining of the stomach. When applied topically, ghee is said to prevent blisters and scarring.

It balances all the three doshas and enhances brain function.



Pure Desi Ghee – Sri Sri Ayurveda

Pure desi ghee is pure clarified butter prepared using authentic desi cow’s milk. It is rich in nutrients and supports the healthy functioning of the body. Prepared in the most hygienic and safe conditions, Pure Desi Ghee by Sri Sri Ayurveda ensures purity and quality.

When consumed regularly, ghee brings remarkable changes in the skin, hair, eyesight, digestion and movements. It is recommended to use daily for good health and quick healing.




Ghee is a nutritious item that deserves a place in your plate. The recommended potion of consumption is one or two tablespoon in a day!

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