Ayurvedic Medicine For Bad Breath

ayurvedic medicine for bad breath

Nothing is more awkward than people putting their hands on the nose the moment you open your mouth!

Bad Breath or Halitosis is one of the biggest turn-offs for most people. For the rest, it is their biggest embarrassment!

The aisles of the neighbouring store are spilling with gums, mints and mouthwashes. But these products offer a temporary sheath to cover the foul smell. None of them offers a permanent solution!

The holistic science of healing offers effective and natural ways to battle bad breath. Ayurveda says that using herbs that have spicy, bitter and astringent tastes are good for teeth cleaning. Spicy herbs improve salivation. Bitter ones improve taste and fight bad breath. Astringent herbs heal gum wounds and oral ulcers.

Here is a list of 5 best Ayurvedic medicines for Bad breath that are tested by time and stamped by generations!

Graggle – CharakPharma

Graggle is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine that battles bad breath. It is also a great herbal and ayurvedic solution for treating sore throat and inflammation. Graggle is very effective in relieving pain and discomfort associated with a sore throat.

This Ayurvedic medicine does not contain alcohol or other chemicals. Hence, it is safe for both children and adults. Graggle does not cause allergic reactions and does not leave a bitter aftertaste. It is used as an instant relief from symptomatic troubles of sore throat. 

KanthSudha – Maharishi Ayurveda

KanthSudha is an excellent mouth freshener. It tastes good and deodorises bad mouth odour giving a tingling freshness that lasts for a long time. KanthSudha helps in combating foul breath due to dental/gum infections. It is an excellent throat soother for cigarette smokers. It is also a great aid for those suffering from smoker’s cough.

This amazing Ayurvedic formulation helps to soothe the pricky and itchy throat.  Made from fresh and high-quality herbs, it also acts as a mouth freshener and keeps the mouth aromatic.  It relieves hoarseness of voice and brings back the normal tone of the voice. Doctors trust KanthSudha to treat throat pain, itchy throat, halitosis and tonsillitis. It is also effective in laryngitis, pharyngitis and the common cold.

Arimedas Taila – Nagarjuna

ArimedasTaila is another ayurvedic herbal medicine that helps in eradicating bad breath. Gargling with ArimedaTaila helps in treating oro-gingival conditions. Doctors recommend it in halitosis and bad breath caused by tooth and gum decays.

It helps in making the teeth and gums stronger. Prevents microbial activity.Keeps the breath fresh.Helps in healing the mouth ulcers. It addresses the issues of weak tooth, gingivitis and tooth decay.

Gum Tone Gel – Charak

Gum Tone from CharakPharma is a special formulation made for maintaining gum health. It is formulated using kashayavargadravyas (astringents). This helps in arresting gum bleed and to tone the gums. It also inhibits bacterial growth thus preventing  in formation of cavity.

Gum Tone is very effective in preventing the formation of dental plaque. It prevents halitosis and provides fresh breath. Further helps in removing stains on teeth. Gum Tone is effective in curing Gingivitis and halitosis. Regular use of Gum Tome Gel strengthens gums and increases gingival resistance.

Lawangadi Bati – Baidyanath

LawangadiBati is an ayurvedic tablet with clove as a key ingredient. This polyherbalAyurvedic medicine helps ease throat irritation and fights bad breath. It also helps in cough, cold and flu-like symptoms.  

LawangadiBati is an effective demulcent and expectorant. It cures bronchitis, laryngitis, cough and hoarseness of voice. This amazing Ayurvedic medicine is effective in treating upper respiratory infections.

Ayurveda for Controlling Bad Breath

Looking at the causes of bad breath, the most common is poor oral hygiene. Proper brushing, flossing and scraping the tongue can help control bad breath. Also eating healthy food to maintain teeth and gum health helps in managing bad breath.

3 effective Home Remedies to handle bad breath that you can try today!

·  Coconut Oil Gargling

·  Chewing Fennel Seeds

·  Chewing Salted Ginger

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