Ayurvedic Medicine for Bone Health

ayurvedic medicine for bone health

Bones build the frame of your body. They are the basic tools that help you in performing every single task. Be it walking, sitting, playing or typing, it’s the delicate bones that do the hard work. 

So, it is very crucial to maintain good bone health. Unhealthy diet and unfulfilled nutrition take a toll on the bones.  Especially during the demanding times of childhood, pregnancy, lactation and menopause.

The best way to fulfil these nutritional demands is definitely through diet. A diet that consists of calcium-rich foods like milk and sesame seeds should be maintained. And the second-best way to fulfil the lacking demands is through a natural supplements.

Ayurveda offers potent natural supplements that are safe and efficient. A blend of herbs and minerals, Ayurvedic supplements are natural sources of calcium and essential minerals. 

Here is a list of 5 best Ayurvedic medicines for bone health

Bonton Active Granules – Vasu

Bonton Active is a proprietary ayurvedic medicine. It is a natural and healthy supplement for strengthening bones and joints. Bonton active helps prevent osteoporosis. Builds bone matrix. Increase bone strength. It corrects bone weakness and heals fracture healing.

It contains herbs like Hadjod and Ashwagandha. Both are well established for their anti-osteoporotic action. It is a rich source of natural calcium and minerals. Bonton helps in the growth of child and adolescents. It is a great calcium supplement in menopause, pregnancy or lactation.

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Osheal tablet – millenium herbals

Osheal tablet is another ayurvedic herbal formulation for healthy bones. It is very beneficial in healing fractures and ligament tears. It also helps in bone reformation and suppresses excess bone resorption. Osheal absorbs completely. It does not load kidneys or increase the chance of heart attacks.

Osheal tablet contains potent herbs which are effective in relieving pain. Reducing swelling. Healing fractures. Treating ligament and muscle injuries associated with fractures. It acts as analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Increases bone mass density. Reduces inflammation and pain due to Osteopenia and Osteoporosis.

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Calci-7 tablet – Virgo

Calci-7 tab is an ayurvedic proprietary herbo-mineral preparation. It is an excellent calcium supplement. It is very beneficial in menopausal syndrome, osteoporosis and post-operative orthopaedic conditions. 

Calci 7 is a boon for pregnant and new mothers. It fulfils the calcium requirement in pregnant mothers and ensures healthy foetus growth. It also improves the quality and quantity of milk. It helps in better bone formation and healthy growth of the newborn child. It prevents diarrhoea during the teething of the newborn child. 

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Asthiposhak tablet – Dhootapapeshwar

Asthiposhak tablet is an ayurvedic herbo-mineral medicine. It helps in converting calcium into bone tissues. It is an excellent natural calcium supplement for the menopausal period. Asthiposhak tablet is effective in old age and menopause-related osteoporosis and non-healing fractures. It also helps in recovering calcium deficiency during pregnancy and lactation.

It comprises of kukktanda twak bhasma, arjuna, asthi shrinkala, ashwagandha, guggulu etc. These ingredients nourish the bones with calcium, magnesium and other minerals. It makes the bone strong. Manages bone brittleness. Prevents greying of hair, hair loss and cracked nails.

Gandha Tailam Capsule – AVN Ayurveda

Gandha tailam is a well-known and most used ayurvedic medicated oil.  It is very beneficial for strengthening bones and joints. It speeds up recovery from bone fractures. Restores stability of the bones. Supports the bones in osteopenia and osteoporosis. Prevents further bone loss. Helps to restore the natural bone mineral density.

Gandha tailam is beneficial in the treatment of arthritic disorders. Doctors recommend this oil in treating osteoarthritis. It also helps in healing sprains, dislocation, arthritis and ligament injury.  It improves bone mass and bone strength. Promotes joint and ligament health.

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Consult an Ayurvedic physician before using any Ayurvedic medicines.

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