Ayurvedic Medicine for Cooling Body

ayurvedic medicine for cooling body

When the blazing sun shines so high, all you want is to detoxify!!!

A body coolant is none less than a saviour for the summers. It not only cools down the body heat but also heals stomach ails, headaches, and heat disorders. 

Ayurveda offers a host of natural coolants to keep the body calm. These coolants help in combating the common summer woes of constipation and digestive issues.

Sogade Berina Sharabattu (Sarsaparilla) – SN Pandit

Indications: Blood Purifier, Refreshing, Coolant

SogadeBerinaSharbattu is an ayurvedic herbal natural coolant. It is blessed with oodles of medicinal qualities. It works as an excellent coolant and hydrating agent in the summer seasons. In the winters, it works as an immune-booster that shields the body against flu and fever. 

Sarsaparilla is also an effective blood purifier. It helps in treating urinary infection, relieves itching and burning sensations. It relieves constipation and tackles digestive issues. Sarsaparilla is prepared from the roots that have astringent properties.

SheetaSudha Syrup – Dhootapapeshwar

Indications: Cooling and Refreshing.

Sheetasudha syrup is an ayurvedic drink well known for its excellent cooling properties. This herbal coolant is made of ‘khus’. It is an effective home remedy in combating exhaustion and discomfort due to heat. 

Sheetasudha Syrup is very effective in curing burning sensation all over the body. It is indicated in burning micturition, excessive thirst and dehydration. Sheetasudha Syrup helps in balancing water and fluid in the body.

Sheethaprabha Tablet – Dhoothpapeshwar

Indication: Burning sensation, urinary tract infections 

Sheethaprabha tablet is an ayurvedic proprietary medication. It is a great diuretic that cures burning and scanty urination. Sheethaprabha tablet is very helpful in the disintegration of urinary calculi. The particles are then removed through the urinary tract. 

Sheethaprabha tablet is extremely helpful in soothing symptoms of heat. It is widely indicated in urinary retention and scanty urination. Sheethaprabha tablet also helps in aiding swelling, renal calculi and generalized burning sensation.

Rose Gulkhand- Lala’s

Rose Gulkand is a sweet recipe made from rose petals. Gulkand is a well-known coolant. It is beneficial in alleviating all heat-related problems. Best healer in mouth ulcer. It is very effective in alleviating tiredness, lethargy, itching. Rose Gulkand also helps in reducing burning sensations, aches and pains.

Gulkand calms heat in the system and ensures free movements of bowels. It is very effective in acidity and stomach heat. It is a powerful antioxidant and a great rejuvenator. 

Pravala Bhasma – Brihatri

Indication – Immunity and digestive power

PravalaBhasma is a classical ayurvedic product made from Coral. It is a coolant medicine effective in relieving all types of burning sensations. It also helps cure excess sweating in children.

It is also used in the treatment of eye disorders and respiratory diseases. Doctors widely recommend it in curing night sweating and painful micturition. 


Ø  These coolants are natural and herbal. However, some of the coolants may not be suitable for all.

Ø  People with diabetes should be cautious since some of these coolants contain sugar. 

Ø  Children, pregnant women and lactating mothers should use these products only under medical supervisions.

Ayurvedic tips for keeping the body cool

Apart from these amazing body coolants, Ayurveda also recommends following good eating habits to beat the heat.

ü  Do not skip meals, especially breakfast. 

ü  Eat lunch by 12 noon. Lunch should be your heaviest meal of the day. 

ü  Drink Sweet Rose Petal Lassi, herbal tea or Sarsaparilla after lunch.

ü  Don’t go out in the sun on an empty stomach.

ü  Prepare your meals in a moderate amount of high-quality oil. Use olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil or ghee.

ü  Avoid drinking milk with your meals.

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