Addiction is the root of destruction! Destruction of the body, mind and relationships.

Addiction to anything is bad. Be it digital addiction, sex addiction, drug addiction or alcohol addiction. It is very crucial to take cautious steps to seek liberty from addiction before it gets too late! 

Digital addiction and drug addictions are emerging trends. But alcohol addiction has been wrecking lives since generations. Over the years, alcohol addiction has posed as a growing concern. 

Alcohol addiction is by far the most prevalent type of substance use disorder. With over 7 million people lured by the liquor, alcohol deaddiction is a major crisis.


 How Alcohol addiction affects life?

Anxiety and depression are common in heavy drinkers. Heavy drinking is common in those with anxiety and depression. 

It’s a vicious cycle.

Alcohol addiction is a major concern. It not only affects the physical and mental health of the consumer. But also disrupts the life of a closed one. 

Alcohol consumption is the major culprit of many severe conditions. It can cause liver disease, heart disease, weak immune system and even cancer.

In the long run, chronic and heavy drinking can destroy the functioning of the human body. It can cause deep emotional trauma. It affects a person’s decision making and altering behavioural patterns.

Emotional Effects of alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction causes deep damage to the brain. It disrupts the balance of chemicals in the brain that affects mood. It impacts memory, slows down information processing, impairs understanding ability and lowers performance.

Addicts often experience –

·  Depression 

·  Irritability  

·  Anxiety 

·  Anger

·  Social Withdrawal

·  Frustration

·  Hopelessness

·  Tiredness

·  Poor Sleep


Treatment for Deaddiction

Modern treatment for deaddiction involves rehabilitation therapies. Rehabilitation treatment programs for alcohol dependency usually begins with medical detox. However, modern medicines come with their own set of side-effects.

Ayurveda offers herbal formulations that help addicts in quitting alcohol naturally. These herbal blends help in curbing the craving of alcohol. 

Ayurvedic medicines for deaddiction are completely safe. They don’t cause any short-term or long-term side-effects. 

We have picked two best Ayurvedic medicines that are widely recommended for Deaddiction.


Ayurvedic Medicine for Deaddiction



Dhumari Churna – Rajasthan Herbals


Dhumari Churna is an ayurvedic medicine for anti-smoking. It is the combination of herbs which curbs the craving of nicotine. This herbal composition is very effective in deliberating addictions. Dhumari effects that part of the brain which is responsible for addiction. 

It is very effective against all types of addiction. It helps in quitting cigarettes, bidi, mawa, gutkha, tobacco chewing and other nicotine products. This churna makes smoking feel less enjoyable which in turn makes easier to quit nicotine.

Dhumari Churna is a 100 per cent natural Ayurvedic product. It consists of major ingredients like triphala, soya, jyotishmati, haritaki, bibhitaki and amalaka. It acts as a cleansing-agent that clears the toxins accumulated within the body because of nicotine.



Surari Churna – Rajasthan Herbals


Surari Churna is a de-addiction ayurvedic medicine that treats habitual alcohol addiction. It is a combination of over 30 rare herbs that helps to detoxify the blood and remove toxins from the body. It is one of the best detoxifying remedies that aids in quitting addictions.

Surari Churna is effective in curbing the craving of alcohol. It helps in detoxifying the blood by removing toxins. It aids in ridding the accumulative negative effects of years of smoking. This Ayurvedic formula improves liver functions. It protects harmful toxins and helps remove toxins from the liver cells.


Natural Ways to Fight Addictions


ü Consultation with a trained counsellor

ü Yoga and pranayama

ü Meditation

ü Herbal Remedies


Five alternatives to alcohol to enhance mood and release stress

Ø Choose exercise and relaxation techniques to release stress.

Ø Try Breathing techniques to relieve anxiety.

Ø Open up about your battle with alcohol. 

Ø Focus on improving sleep quality and quantity with natural Ayurvedic techniques.

Ø Engage in activities that enhance your mood. Be it a walk down the park, painting, dancing or music. 


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