Dementia or weak memory is a common but serious problem in elderlies. 

Increasing age is a major risk factor for dementia. It is a clinical neuro-degenerative syndrome characterized by impaired memory.

With the increase in life expectancy, the statistics of age-related diseases have also increased severely.

The power to process and retain information often deters with increasing age. But for some, the level of difficulty is much higher which results in serious consequences.

From ‘gone missing’ to ‘life-threatening actions’ dementia is a dreadful reality!

Causes of Dementia

The major risk factors of dementia is old age. But long-term consumption of western junk diet and physical and cognitive inactivity can also impact the memory. Epigenetic and environmental factors can also play a role.

Other risk factors for dementia include cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems. Excessive alcohol consumption, social isolation, traumatic brain injury can also cause dementia. 

Ayurveda in Dementia

Modern medicine has not yet found a permanent cure for dementia. There is no sure way to reverse the damage!

That’s why Ayurveda focuses on preventing and managing dementia with natural aids. 

Ayurveda is based on a holistic view of treatment which promotes and supports equilibrium in different aspects of human life: the body, mind, and soul

Ayurveda advocates the importance of a balanced diet for healthy brain functioning. An active and stress-free lifestyle helps in maintaining a sharp memory even as you age.

Vedic science has introduced many medicinal plants and formulations that are effective in slowing down brain aging and enhancing memory.


Check out these Ayurvedic medicines that are hailed for preventing and managing memory-related issues:


3 Best Ayurvedic Medicines for Dementia



Smriti Sagar Ras – Baidyanath


Smriti Sagar Ras is an Ayurvedic medicine that improves memory. It is a nervine tonic that calms headache, relieves stress and prevents memory loss. This Ayurvedic formula is very useful in epilepsy and neurological diseases.

This Ayurvedic formula helps to promote memory and relieve insomnia and anxiety. Smriti Sagar Ras contains herbal and mineral ingredients. Hence, it is recommended to administer this medicine only under medical supervision. 



Brento Forte Tablet – Zandu

Brento Forte Tablet is an ayurvedic brain stimulant that relieves tension. It calms the mind, improves memory and ensures better brain function. Its natural extracts relieve anxiety and prevent memory loss. 

The adaptogenic properties of this herbal formula aid in relieving stress and preventing neurodegenerative diseases. Brento forte is helpful in increasing cognitive functions. It enhances memory power and concentration span. 

Brento Forte Tablet is immensely beneficial for students, professionals and elderly people fighting the woes of weak memory. It helps to cope up with the stress and keeps the mind calm and vigilant. 


Brahmi Gritha – Pentacare

Brahmi Gritha is a time-proven ayurvedic proprietary medicine. It has been used for ages in India to boost brain functions. Brahmi is one of the most potent herbs helpful in boosting memory and enhancing brain functions. It aids in enhancing mood, treating depression, fighting fatigue and combating stress disorders.

Brahmi Gritha stimulates the brain cells and gives better memory and functional skills. It is an excellent brain and memory vitalizer. Doctors recommend Brahmi Gritha in mania epilepsy, hoarseness of voice, insanity and mental diseases.

Brahmi Ghritha is a very famous Ayurvedic medicine. Potent herbs are blended in a base of ghee. It is helpful in improving intelligence, learning skills, and speech. This tonic is also helpful in treating skin diseases, epilepsy, and other mental illness.


Natural Ayurvedic herbs that work best for boosting memory

Brahmi: Brahmi is a known brain booster. It sharpens the brain, fight stress and reduce depression. Brahmi works as a tranquilizer, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, and brain function enhancer.

Licorice: Licorice improves cognitive power and memory. It reduces aging effects on the brain by preventing degeneration of neurons.

Turmeric: It is one of the best medicines for improving memory and concentration. Ladened with antioxidants, curcumin, and curcuminoids, it fights the effects of free radicals. Turmeric also lowers inflammation of nerves, improves sleep quality, reduces anxiety and acts as a stress buster.

Ashwagandha: It provides overall nourishment and rejuvenation. Ashwagandha repairs and prevents brain cells from damage. It prevents and reverses the damage leading to dementia. 

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