ayurvedic medicine for fracture healing

ayurvedic medicine for fracture healing

Fracture is a crack or break that occurs in the bones of the body. These are very common in people with active routines like sports or stunts. People with low bone density are also prone to fractures. They occur due to traumatic experiences like injury, accidents or fights.

The crack in the bone causes extreme pain, inflammation, numbness, tingling sensation. It can also lead to paralysis of the injured part. The fracture should be treated immediately to restore the bone to normal.

The excruciating pain in fracture often makes it an unavoidable medical emergency. Many cases require an orthopaedic castHowever, talking to the right physician is crucial. As mere pain killers just blanket the pain temporarily. Strengthening bone health and healing the broken bone is important. Ayurvedic medicines help in accelerating the healing process. 

Ayurveda offers natural ways for fast fracture healing by promoting bone strength and wellness. Check out the best Ayurvedic medicines for fracture healing.

Best Ayurvedic medicines for fracture healing



Boniheal Tablet – Aimil


Boniheal Tablet is a Phyto-mineral ayurvedic medicine for treating fractures. It promotes bone health and helps in maintaining the right density of bones. This Ayurvedic medicine facilitates faster bone healing in fractures. It also increases osteoblastic activity and promotes bone calcification. 




Boniheal tablets are made from naturally extracted herbs and minerals. Its potent ingredients are rich in natural calcium, magnesium and other minerals. Boniheal neutralizes free radicals, protects bones and increases bone density.

Ayurvedic doctors recommend Boniheal in the treatment of bone fractures and osteoporosis. It aids in combating delayed bone growth. And helps a menopausal woman in maintaining bone density.

Benefits of Boniheal:

·  Fastens Fracture Healing Naturally.

·  Promotes calcification of bones

·  Increases Osteoblastic activity. 

·  Nourishes the bones with calcium 

·  Improves bone mineral density    



Ossigen Capsule – Phyto Marketing


Ossigen Capsules are natural Ayurvedic formula to heal fractures and strengthen bones. It activates osteoblasts for deposition of calcium in the bones. Ossigen Capsules are known for their safety and efficacy.




They are a primary choice of medicine for fracture healing. This Ayurvedic formulation stimulates growth hormone and increases the level of blood calcium. Ossigen Capsule is mainly used in the treatment of fractures, osteoporosis, and osteopenia.



Hadjod Tablet – Himalaya


Hadjod tablets are Ayurvedic tablets that aids in strengthening bones and healing fractures. It has anti-inflammatory properties useful in fracture pains. Hadjod is safe and effective natural formula mostly recommended in bone and joint wellness.




The Ayurvedic medicines for fracture healing mentioned in this article are for reference purpose only. It is not to be treated as a prescription for self-treatment. Please consult an Ayurvedic physician for proper treatment.

Home remedies for fracture



The best advice for the healing of broken bones is rest. The more it gets rest the sooner it heals. If there is stiffness in the injured part then go for a professional physiotherapy session.


Say no to self-treatment

Trying over the counter pain killers or massages can worsen the condition. It is advised to consult a physician immediately. And follow the doctor’s advice.


Diet diary for fracture healing

·        Eat a pineapple every day for better healing. It helps in diminishing inflammation and reducing pain.

·        Add foods rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium to the diet.

·        Drink milk and eat lots of fresh fruits.

·        Foods are rich in zinc help in repairing the damaged tissues.

·        Avoid red meat, carbonated drinks, and caffeinated beverages.

·        Stop smoking. Smoking affects the blood flow to the injured bone thereby delaying the recovery.



If you experience sharp pain and severe inflammation after any kind of injury, then it could be a fracture. Consult your physician and get an X-ray done for confirmation. You can then consult a general physician or Ayurvedic expert. Ayurvedic treatment for fracture healing is effective, fast and safe. 

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