Gas Troubles are very common. Especially, when you savor on a diet rich in spices. Trapped gases in the abdomen can cause real trouble. 

Indigestion, Loss of appetite, sleeplessness, headache, flatulence, uneasiness, and vomiting; these are some troubles caused by trapped gases. 

No doubt a heavy diet can cause gas troubles, but there are other things that too can cause the catastrophe. Swallowing air, eating fast, stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, inactivity are some common causes of gases.

The problem with gases is that you cannot keep it in you and cannot pass it out! 

Flatulence is a major embarrassment!

Ayurveda offers simple natural solutions to get rid of flatulence without social embarrassment or side effects. 

Check out 3 Ayurvedic remedies that work best to cure your gas troubles.


3 best Ayurvedic medicines for gas troubles



Carmino Capsule – Millenium Herbals


Carmino Capsule is an ayurvedic medicine for fast relief from abdominal gas. It is an excellent carminative, anti-flatulence and anti-spasmodic medicine. Carmino Capsule is useful in abdominal colic pain. 

This Ayurvedic medicine is an ideal combination of volatile oils at optimum therapeutic dosage. It relieves abdominal pain by expelling trapped intestinal gases.



Regulate intestinal motility and relax sphincters. Treats acidity and reduces bloating.

Carmino Capsule helps in relieving the fullness feeling. It also helps in relieving acidity and promotes proper digestion. Doctors recommend Carmino Capsule in rectifying poor digestive power and treating irritable bowel syndrome.



Jeera Goli – Brihatri


Brihatri Jeera Goli is a great digestive, mouth freshener and appetizer.  It is a 100 % natural combination to fight gases and intestinal trouble.

Brihatri Jeera Goli is a combination of exotic digestive herbs, spices, and fruits. It is delicious chewable tablets that aid in digestion after heavy meals. Jeera Goli has no added chemicals, colours or preservatives. It is completely safe, natural and kid-friendly. 




Jeera Goli is a rich source of anti-oxidants. It also has anti-inflammatory property that helps in fighting bacteria and parasites.



Pudinhara Pearls – Dabur


Pudinhara Pearls is an ayurvedic medicine for indigestion, bloating, and acidity. Pudin Hara is an Ayurvedic medication consisting of naturally occurring herbs with carminative properties. It gives quick relief from colicky pain, indigestion, stomach ache and gastric discomfort.




This Ayurvedic medicine relieves acidity, flatulence and bloating.  Its carminative and digestion promoting properties keep the stomach cool. Pudinhara Pearls helps reduce gastritis and GERD symptoms. 

Pudin Hara is an amalgamation of two naturally occurring herbs that are used to treat various stomach ailments, especially indigestion. These capsules are manufactured by Dabur India. They are natural and as safe as any other herbal product. They are available as over-the-counter product.


Safety of Ayurvedic medicines for gas


These Ayurvedic medicines are natural and 100 % safe. No major side-effects are seen even in long term use of these Ayurvedic medicines. One can use these herbal medicines without any worry. These yummy digestives are kid’s favourite appetizers!


A very heavy dose of digestive can cause stomach issues. So, make sure to tame your tempt!


Ayurvedic Tips to Avoid Gas troubles


Mindful eating

What you eat is important but how you eat is more important. Mindful eating helps in better digestion. Switch off your T.V and put your mobile down. Eat-in a peaceful and graceful ambience. Chew each morsel before you swallow.

No water, please!

Don’t drink water while eating your food. The best time to drink water is 30 minutes before your meal. It curbs your appetite resulting in smaller portions of food. Thus, this tip is helpful for weight loss as well!

Sit and Eat

The new trends of take-away and buffets have resulted in people eating anywhere anyhow! But eating in a standing or walking position makes you finish the meal in a hasty manner without proper chewing. So, make sure you eat peacefully and slowly while sitting in a chair.

Check what you eat

Avoid soda and carbonated beverages. Say no to straws as you swallow a lot of air in every gulp. Limit your spicy food intake. Stick to a healthy and balanced diet that includes fruits and veggies. Chewing gum can also cause bloating and gas. Omam water is great for digestion.

Take it out with Work out

Make exercise a part of your daily routine. Take a walk after your meal or do some squats before your meal. Make sure to move your body and avoid sitting in one position for long durations.

Take probiotics

Probiotics help maintain the beneficial bacteria of your gut. This helps in treating several complaints of the stomach, including infectious diarrhoea, bloating and gases.

Deep breathing

Anxiety and stress can also cause gas troubles. Deep breathing techniques help in keeping anxiety and stress under control.

Fennel seeds to stop your farting problems

Fennel seeds are an age-old solution to get rid of trapped gases. It is a popular remedy used world-wide to keep the stomach happy.

Quit smoking

Smoking lets air enter your stomach. This results in trapped gas in your tummy that causes a lot of trouble. Smoking also interrupts your digestive system. So, it is best to put that cigarette down for good!

Ayurvedic formulas for flatulence

Aloe vera juice is one herbal formula to calm your gases. Another natural solution is papaya. This miraculous fruit aids the digestion of dietary proteins. It prevents the formation of excessive gas in the stomach.

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