Ayurvedic medicine for increasing sperm count:oligospermia


Men’s size and performance on the bed has always been a ‘big’ thing! But little do people acknowledge that it’s the quality and quantity of sperm that actually matters when it comes to procreating. 

The rising cases of infertility among modern men is a known issue. The continuous stress and strains of modern life, the tough work-life and hard to balance personal life often take a toll on sex life.

One common problem found in many men today is Oligospermia. This means a decrease in the sperm count in the semen which leads to male infertility. The causes of oligospermia are actually too common. 

Alcohol, smoking, drugs, stress and environmental pollution, age, injury, and certain diseases are to blame!

Ayurveda has always been known for providing ‘hush-hush’ solutions to impotency and infertility. The ancient scripts have the wisdom of increasing men’s vitality, strength, stamina, sperm count and sex health. 

Be it the famous Shilajit or Ashwagandha, Ayurveda is famous for its natural solutions to sexual problems. Here are 3 such Ayurvedic medicines that are particularly effective in improving the sperm count in men.


3 best Ayurvedic Medicine for improving Sperm Count 


Spermon Capsule – Millenium Herbals


Spermon capsule is an Ayurvedic formulation prepared with a combination of potent herbs that aid in the production and protection of sperms. Spermon capsules have great anti-oxidizing properties that protect the sperms by scavenging free radicals. 

It enhances the quantity and quality of sperms. Strengthens the male reproduction system. Stimulates the secretion of testosterone. Increases both the quality and quantity of the semen. Enhances sperm motility and morphology.

It contains natural aphrodisiacs and adaptogens that reduces stress and anxiety. This herbal capsule increases libido, reduces stress and improves the quality of life. This Phytomedicine is 100% natural and safe for long-term use.


Addyzoa Capsule – Charak Pharma


Addyzoa Cap is an ayurvedic medicine for managing male reproductive issues. A combination of potent herbo-minerals, is effective in the management of male infertility and impotency. 

Addyzoa Capsules contain potent aphrodisiacs like Ashwagandha, Guduchi and Amalaki. It is rich in antioxidants that help in fighting free radicals and preventing sperm damage. It acts as a potent spermatogenic that helps in producing healthy sperms. 

These capsules support the healthy formation of sperm, sperm motility, shape, size and semen density.  Addyzoa supports spermatogenesis by improving the hormonal levels of testosterone. Doctors trust this clinically tested and proven solution to treat male infertility.


Fortege –Alarsin


Fortege tablets of Alarsin pharmaceuticals is an Ayurvedic medicine effective in toning up the genito-urinary and neuro glandular systems. It helps in breaking the vicious cycle of stimulation, exhaustion, depression and fatigue.

Clinical studies reported an improvement in sperm count and motility after 3 months of using Fortege of Alarsin. It can improve sperm count from 5-10 million/ml to 50-60 million/ml. And motility from 10% to 60%. This tablet is also effective in enhancing semen volume from 0.5 ml to 3 ml.

Fortege is also effective in treating menopausal syndrome, frigidity and fatigue in women. This Ayurvedic formulation is non-hormonal and does not cause any erratic side-effects.





Though these Ayurvedic medicines are safe to use and devoid of side effects, it is best to use them under a doctor’s advice. They should be administered as per recommended dosage, frequency, and timing.


Take Away!

Infertility and impotency are rising problems of the modern world. The stress, strain and unhealthy lifestyle take a toll on the reproductive health of both male and female. Along with administering these natural Ayurvedic medicines, it is important to adopt a few lifestyle changes for healthy conception.


Here are a few tips that you should adopt for better sex health

·  Avoid spicy food.

·  Reduce the consumption of alcohol.

·  Avoid smoking and using tranquilizers.

·  Do not stay up late till late at night. 

·  Follow a regular diet and disciplined eating routine.

·  Control your physical and mental stress.

·  Try meditation, exercise, pranayama, and abhyanga.

·  Acknowledge that sex is important for a healthy marriage.

·  Make efforts to rekindle your romance.

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