ayurvedic medicine for postnatal care

ayurvedic medicine for postnatal care

Pregnancy is a cyclone but the first few days after the D-day is a whirlwind. The little demanding infant, your bleeding body, the pain and aches and the sleepless nights!!! All of these make the first few days after pregnancy very crucial!

Ayurveda offers a holistic care routine that helps the new mother regain her strength and recover her body faster. Ayurvedic tips are not only effective but also very safe both for the mother and the newborn.

Ayurveda highlights that the first three months after delivery is very crucial. During this period the expanded uterus shrinks back to normal position. Also, the ligaments, muscles and tendons associated with the uterus start regaining the lost power. 

Hence, Ayurveda offers full-proof and time-stamped formulations that help the new mother cope up with the physical and mental turmoil.

Check out the best Ayurvedic formulations that help women in their post-natal phase.


4 Best medicines for Post Natal Care



Bananti Taila – New Bhuvanendra Ayurvedic


Bananti Taila is Ayurvedic oil that works miracle for new mothers. The oil is made of many rejuvenating herbs that provide nourishment to the skin. It helps restore the natural glow of the skin. It prevents post-partum abdominal wrinkles. Relieves exhaustion. Combats body ache. Treats dry skin.

Banati Taila is made from pure coconut oil fortified with a great combination of potent herbs and aromatics. It is an extremely good skin tonic, anodyne and emollient. Massaging this oil also helps your skin glow. 



Dashamoola Jeerakam – Nagarjuna


Dashamoola Jeerakam is an ayurvedic classical medicine for Postnatal care. It is a combination of 2 classical medicine “Dashamoolarishta” and “Jeerakarishta.” This combination is very effective in relieving digestive disorders.

Dashamoola Jeerakam also relieves swelling and pain associated with inflammation. It is very beneficial for new mothers struggling with digestion. Dashamoola Jeerakam also helps to gain the strength. 

It is indicated in post-delivery females, rheumatoid arthritis, loss of appetite, diarrhoea, digestive disorders.


Balant Kadha No.2 – Baidyanath


Balant Kadha No.2 is an ayurvedic medicine for post-natal care. This amazing Ayurvedic Kadha is a great uterine purifier. It also helps in bringing the uterus back in shape. Balant Kadha No. 2 helps in combating backache and body pain in nursing mother.

Balant Kadha No.2 relieves post-delivery symptoms like constipation and fatigue. It protects the mother from infections. Strengthens the abdominal muscles and ligaments attached to uterus and Pelvis.

Balant Kadha No. 2 should be administered from 11th to 20th day after delivery. 


Balant Kadha No.3 – Baidyanath


Balant Kadha No.3 is another Ayurvedic medicine formulated for new mothers. It strengthens abdominal muscles and ligaments attached to the uterus and Pelvis. This Ayurvedic formula also helps in normalizing the size and shape of the uterus. 

Regular intake of Kadha No. 3 helps in improving blood circulation and purifying blood. It aids the formation of new blood cells. Helps in the recuperation of uterus. Maintains vitality, energy and strength of the body. It eliminates worm, infestations and improves general health. 


Care After Delivery


·         Catch as much sleep as possible to cope up with the unending tiredness and fatigue.

·         Get help from family and friends. Don’t hesitate to hire house help or asking your relatives to drop by.

·         Focus on eating healthy and eating on time. Foods that are easily digested are best for new mothers.

·         Don’t avoid rice. It is not only good for digestion but also helps control your hair fall.

·         Get back to exercise as soon as your body permits.

·         Hot water bath relieves the nerves and relaxes the body. It also helps in soothing the pain in breasts during breastfeeding.

·         Rely on Ayurvedic oil massage for the much-needed relaxation from fatigue and pain.

·         Don’t retain urine or faeces. 

·         Seek help for postpartum depression.

·         Apply a natural oil to recover from the stretch marks.

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