Varicose veins are a common but severe medical condition in which the veins become swollen and twisted. 

Varicose veins mostly occur in the veins of the legs. It is associated with the impaired venous circulation that results in pain and discomfort. The skin may turn red, bluish or purple in color.

In prolonged cases of varicose veins, the skin may peel or skin ulcers may appear in the affected parts. 

Causes of Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are caused by excessive pressure on the legs. The most common risk factors include:

·         Advancing age

·         Obesity

·         Pregnancy 

·         Hormonal Changes

·         Deficiency of vitamin C

·         Standing for long hours over a period of time

·         Engaging in physical activity that strains the legs.

·         Tight clothing

·         Lack of exercise

·         Other Factors


Varicose Veins is a severe clinical condition that needs proper medical intervention. Ayurveda offers natural and safe solutions to release the pressure off the veins and correct the condition from the roots.


Check out the best Ayurvedic medicines for Varicose Veins


3 Best Ayurvedic Medicines for Varicose Veins



Sahacharaadi Thailam – Nagarjuna

Sahacharaadi Thailam is an ayurvedic medicine for varicose veins. It is effective against all types of pain especially affecting lower limbs. This herbal oil is useful in treating Vata imbalance, joint stiffness and muscle pains.

Ideal for both, men and women, this herbal oil is ideal for massage in treating varicose veins. It also works well in treating sciatica, numbness, tingling sensation, and lower backache.

Sahacharaadi Thailam is an age-old remedy for muscle cramps, muscle pain, stiffness and convulsions.  Doctors recommend Sahacharaadi Thailam massage in treating Backache, muscle weakness, pain in hips and arthritis pain.


Cardorium Plus – Alakanand

Cardorium Plus is an ayurvedic medicine for treating varicose veins. It is very effective in treating dyslipidemia and atherosclerotic disease. It also aids in the management of diabetes, hypertension, vascular dysfunctions.

Cardorium Plus consists of Arjuna, Pushkaramoola, Gokshura, Vrikshamla, Amalvetas and Jatamansi. This Ayurvedic formula prevents and manages lipid balance. It increases insulin sensitivity in insulin-resistant diabetes.

Cardorium Plus also helps in increasing heart function. It increases micro and macro blood circulation. Thus, effective in curing cardiac diseases. Cardorium Plus also acts as a blood thinner.



Varco Oil – Nano Phyto Pharmacy

Varco Oil is a unique formulation made with special herbs which are very beneficial in treating varicose vein. Varco Oil is very effective in treating varicose veins, spider veins, aching legs and toes, heavy and stressed legs.

Varco oil is 100% Herbal Ayurvedic formula. It contains Aloe vera, Pure turmeric and Garlic. This potent composition makes it a great antiseptic, anti-seborrheic and astringent agent. 

Varco oil also brings relief from general fatigue and night cramps. It helps in combating ankle, leg and foot swelling. It can be effectively used for chronic venous insufficiency.


Diet tips to treat Varicose Veins:

Ø  Amla and other citrus fruits rich in vitamin C work exceedingly well in comforting varicose veins naturally.

Ø  Add fresh fruits and whole grains to the diet.

Ø  Build a protein-rich diet. Add an egg, a glassful of milk, legumes and other protein-rich food to your daily meals.

Ø  Garlic, onion and ginger are proven to be beneficial in varicose veins.

Ø  Avoid spicy processed foods. 

Ø  Avoid red meat.

Ø  Drink plenty of water to keep the blood circulation smooth.

Ø  Drink spinach and carrot juice to supplement the required nutrients.


Natural ways to reign over varicose veins


Exercise regularly, but avoid rigorous exercising.

Do not soak your feet in cold water after work out.

Rely on resting. Enhancing your sleep quality and quantity will enhance the healing process.

Apply vitamin E oil blended in a carrier onto the legs. Don’t rub too deeply. Just apply and let it soak in.

Ayurvedic Herbs for varicose veins

Brahmi is touted as the best natural treatment for varicose veins. It provides the necessary nutrients and helps in fast recovery from varicose veins.


Garlic helps in breaking down the protein content in the body and distribute it evenly. 


Ginger too breaks down and distributes the protein in the body. Ginger also helps improve blood circulation in veins.


Onion helps in the proper assimilation and distribution of protein in the human body. Onion is hailed as a preventive and permanent remedy for varicose veins.




The medicines and suggestions in the article are for reference only and should not be treated as a prescription. Ayurveda offers effective and simple solutions to improve the condition of varicose veins naturally.


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