ayurvedic medicines for cancer

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases on the planet, second only to heart diseases. With the increasing instances of cancer occurrence, mortality and the failure to find a cure, researchers are turning towards the prevention and management of this disease. 

While modern medicine manages to grant the extension of life by a few years, it fails to bring back the quality of living. The toxicity of cancer medicines often causes side-effects that are hard to deal with.

As such researchers and scientists are turning towards the pages of ancient Ayurveda for options to prevent and manage the disease with less invasive techniques. Ayurveda has always been an advocate of better diet, lifestyle and natural remedies to live a fuller and healthier life. And now these hymns echo through the web pages of most modern medicines. 

Along with diet and lifestyle, a few Ayurvedic medicines have also gained the status to be used as supportive therapy in cancer treatment. Here are a few best Ayurvedic medicines that are widely used across the globe.

3 Best Ayurvedic medicines for cancer treatment


Maharishi Amrit Kalash 4 

Maharishi Amrit Kalash is an ayurvedic herbal medicine prepared from 53 potent medicinal herbs. Recent studies on its composition prove it to be a complementary aid to cancer treatment. This Ayurvedic medicine is high in antioxidants that scraps the free-radicals responsible for causing cancer. 

Maharishi Amrit Kalash works well as a daily health tonic for all ages. It infuses a sense of well-being, creates balance and elevates energy levels. Maharishi Kalash sharpens focus, helps slow premature ageing, reduces fatigue and combats stress. It is also a great hepatoprotective, nephroprotective, and immunomodulating specialist.

Doctors recommend this herbal medicine to reduce the stress, fatigue and weakness that comes with cancer treatment. Maharishi Kalash helps in building back the immunity weakened by cancer treatment.



Cruel Plus Cap – Unjha

Cruel Plus is a herbo-mineral Ayurvedic medicine that works well as a nutritional supplement. In recent times, it has emerged as supportive therapy for cancer treatment. Cruel Plus improves immunity, checks the abnormal growth of malignant tissues and destroys cancer cells.

Prepared with  Hira bhasma, Sarweshwara ras and Ras sindhoor, it is widely recommended to fight malady of cancer. It curbs the abnormal tissue growth, promotes immunity, restores energy, checks degeneration and promotes regeneration.

This Ayurvedic medicine promotes the production and generation of healthy cells while putting a check on the progress of malignancy. It further helps to increase the energy level, reduces fatigue and weakness. In addition to this, it facilitates the healing of chronic wounds and promotes regenerative processes in the body.


Muneks Tablet – Muniyal Ayurveda


Muneks Tab is an ayurvedic medicine prepared by blending 50 different herbs, mineral and other natural elements with anti-carcinogenic action. Multiple pieces of research are coming up with promising results. Some of the ingredients have immuno-modulatory activities with significant anti-tumour properties. 

Studies revealed that Muneks Tablets help in enhancing immunity, preventing tissue damage, scavenging free radicals. It can stop the progress of cancer cells, regress the tumour growth and improve health in general.

But it’s the non-toxicity of this medicine even at a high dosage that makes it special. Doctors recommend this Ayurvedic medicine as an adjuvant treatment to cancer, tumour and weak immunity. 



·  These medicines should be taken only under medical supervision.

·  Over-dosage may result in side-effects.

·  These medicines must be checked with your oncologist for drug interaction.

·  You must keep these medicines out of reach and sight of children.

·  This medicine contains heavy metals should be taken under supervision.


Ayurveda is gaining solid grounds in cancer treatment, prevention and palliative care. The efficacy of curcumin and moringa has opened the doors to new treatment and therapies. Researchers and doctors all across are now adapting Ayurvedic medicines for adjuvant therapies and palliative care.

Natural herbal remedies can prevent abnormal tissue growth, enhance immunity, overrule weakness and physical fatigue. They have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. But the best part is their safety and non-toxicity, unlike modern medicines.

Ayurvedic formulations can help in lessening the side effects of allopathic cancer chemotherapy, prevention of side effects of anticancer radiotherapy, cancers, benign tumours, precancerous development. As researchers continue to dig into the scripts of Ayurveda, the future shows promising potential for Ayurvedic remedies to play an active part in cancer treatment.

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