Ayurvedic medicines for hair fall

Ayurvedic medicines for hair fall

Hair fall is one of the two most agonizing curses to beauty. Be it young or old, man or woman, everyone dreads that comb pulling out the weak hair strands. While there are many reasons for hair fall, diet, genetics,lifestyle, medicines; it’s the overuse of cosmetic products that wrecks the worst damage.

Hairstyling, blowing, dying, and all the chemicals that go into the hair clog the scalp and cause hair fall. Ayurveda offers powerful natural remedies that address physical and emotional ailments, which lie at the root of hair fall issues.

Ayurveda looks deeper than the symptoms, it unveils the wisdom to analyze the underlying conditions and correct them. Unlike modern cosmetics, Ayurveda employs natural ingredients to restore health and wellness.

The 5000-year-old ancient science enlightens many natural ways to combat hair fall. Tricks that have been used for centuries and passed down through generations. Here are the 3 Best Ayurvedic medicines for hair fall.

3 best Ayurvedic medicines for hair fall


Brihatri Hair Oil 


Another effective Ayurvedic solution for hair problems is Brihatri Hair Oil. It is a herbal medicated oil that contains natural hair darkening pigments. This Ayurvedic oil is clinically proven to stop hair fall and reverse premature greying.


Prepared with potent Ayurvedic herbs like Bhringaraja, Amalaki, Vibhitaki, Neelini and Godugdha, application of this oil promotes new hair follicles. It thickens hair strands and helps in hair growth. 


Brihatri Hair oil is a safe and natural option for hair treatment. It contains no artificial fragrance, colours or chemicals. It is widely used to treat hair fall, dandruff, grey hairs, dry and dull hairs and split ends.


Ella Herbal Hair Oil – Lalas

Ella Herbal Hair Oil is prepared by blending 35 special herbs in a special thermoregulatory process. This helps in retaining the natural moisture of the herbs and helps in the perfect nourishment of the hair.

Ella Herbal Hair Oil helps in protecting hair cuticles and preventing premature ageing. A gentle massage with Ella herbal hair Oil cools the scalp, turns grey hair black, enhances sleep and relaxes the body. 

This herbal oil is also beneficial in preventing hair fall, relieving headaches and treating dandruff. Its regular application put a check on premature hair loss, and ensure thick and shiny locks.


Hairvit Oil – Millennium

Hairvit Oil is a herbal oil that nourishes the scalp and promotes hair growth by improving blood circulation. Hairvit Oil is widely used among men and women to fight premature greying of hair. This oil also helps in hair Growth, Hair Strengthening and hair Conditioning.

Massage the scalp with the tips of your finger dipped in Hairvit oil for Stress Relief. Prepared with a unique combination of 17 pure essential oils and herbs, this herbal oil can stop excessive hair fall and support hair growth.

Hairvit Oil is a plant-based product trusted by ayurvedic doctors, trichologists and dermatologists. It does not contain minerals, parabens or artificial fragrance. The oil is Ayurvedic and easy wash.                                        


Natural Tips for Hair Care

Along with these excellent natural hair oil for combating hair fall, you need to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. Here are a few shifts you need to accommodate – 

·  Don’t cut short your sleep less than 8 hours.

·  Green leafy vegetables and sweet juicy fruits.

·  Fresh coconut, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts are excellent “hair food.” 

·  Quality sleep is the antidote to stress which is the evil cause of hair fall.

·  A warm scalp massage aids sound sleep, washes away stress, stimulate circulation, and moisturize the scalp.

·  Use a wooden comb more often to promote blood circulation in the scalp.



From Cleopatra to Mumtaz, eternal beauties of all times are a testament to the efficacy of these Ayurvedic remedies. These Ayurvedic hair oil are safe and natural. They do not cause any side-effects. 

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