Diabetes is the biggest epidemic in human history. And these numbers are soaring by the day. 

Diabetes occurs when insulin produced by the pancreas goes haywire. Either the pancreas produces too less insulin or the body loses its capability of utilizing this insulin. This results in an inability to digest glucose present in the food.

This chronic ailment brings a blow of physical, emotional and financial toll. Even a little negligence in its management can lead to devastating complications. Blindness, amputation, organ failure and the complications of diabetes can be morbid!

While rising obesity is one big factor driving diabetes, sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diets are at the root.

Diabetes is a life-long disability that can just be controlled but cannot be cured! That’s why people are now turning to alternative treatment. A natural treatment that can help manage the disease without any side-effects!

Ayurveda offers herbal medicines along with lifestyle recommendations that are very effective in controlling the blood sugar levels. 


Check out the best Ayurvedic medicines for Type 2 Diabetes.



Zandiabts Tablet – Zandu

Zandiabts is an ayurvedic medicine that helps control blood sugar levels. It is a reliable solution for Diabetes Mellitus. Zandiabts aids in controlling the complications of diabetes.




This medicine is especially beneficial in newly detected diabetes. It also helps in controlling pre-diabetic conditions. Ayurvedic medicine is safe and effective. 



Glucomap Tablet – Maharishi Ayurveda


Glucomap Tablet is an effective Ayurvedic medicine for non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. It reduces the glucose levels in the blood. Stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin. Delays the glycogenolysis process.



Glucomap Tablet protects beta cells from being damaged. It has hepatoprotective functions. It protects the liver and enhances its functions. Glucomap curbs the damage caused by diabetes complications. It helps in protecting cardiovascular and nerve tissues from degenerative changes. 

Glucomap is also effective against metabolic abnormalities and recurrent infections. It is extremely safe and causes no side-effects. It is widely recommended as an adjuvant to other anti-diabetic drugs, in severe or resistant cases of diabetes.



Mehon Capsule – Ayurveda One

Mehon Caps is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine. It has potent hypoglycemic actions. This Ayurvedic medicine increases insulin secretion and sensitivity. It prevents micro and macrovascular damage that may lead to end-organ failure.




Mehon Caps enhances insulin secretion. It prevents the damage of pancreas and curbs the complications of type 2 diabetes. 


How to Prevent Complications of Diabetes?

Maintain a healthy weight: Obesity is the biggest driver of diabetes. Not only that, but being overweight also increases your risk for complications due to diabetes. Hence keeping a check at the weight is the first step to battling diabetes.


Exercise Daily: The best way to beat diabetes is through the workout. Exercise helps in maintaining body weight. It enhances metabolism and improves the mechanism of body functions. You may take your diabetes for a walk in the park or beat it at the gym. But don’t go for too strenuous routines, keep in mind and keep it regular!


Reduce Stress: After obesity, if there is one silent killer than that has to be stress. Stress opens the door to a number of ailments. Diabetes is just one among them! Try Ayurvedic adaptogens and stick to a stress-free routine!


Don’t compromise on sleep: Lack of sleep is more dangerous than lack of nutrition! Make sure you catch your 6-8 hours of sleep every night without fail.


Stick to the diet plan: Consult your doctor to devise a healthy diet plan. And stick to the plan religiously. Add fruits, veggies, whole grains and nuts to the diet and avoid processed, refined and packaged ones!


Stay hydrated: Drink ample water throughout the day. Drinking copper water can work magic for you. Cut down your intake of carbonated beverages and avoid alcohol at all costs. 


Quit smoking: Smoking is dangerous to health. But it can be morbid for those with diabetes. Hence, quit smoking at the earliest.


Commit to self-care: Diabetes demands care. Whether it some soothing “me time” or some pampering self-love. Take good care of each part of the body because you don’t know where it can be attacking! 


Home Remedies To Reverse Diabetes 

·  Drink okra water.

·  Try Aloe vera juice.

·  Use Ginger tea to your aid.

·  Try the miraculous moringa leaves or moringa powder.

·  Ayurveda hails the benefits of Kerela Jamun Juice in diabetes. 

·  Methi seeds are an age-old remedy for diabetes.

·  Chew some cinnamon.

·  Practice yoga, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.


Ayurveda offers natural and effective means to manage diabetes.  Clinical studies have shown, these herbal medicines when combined with lifestyle and dietary changes can bring remarkable results in diabetes.


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