Ayurvedic shudhvi bountiful hair oil for hair nourishment

Hair fall can be irritating. We are already in that point in time where there are at least a hundred product options for every problem.  Yet there seems to be no reliable product which will help improve hair health. It is time to get over the confusion. It is time to try the most effective hair oil to treat all your hair problems. Shudhvi Bountiful Hair oil is a breakthrough formula designed with ingredients lifted out of the ancient ayurvedic texts to relive all kinds of hair and scalp problems. It is effective in reversing hair thinning, balding , and premature greying.



Hair thinning is a condition where the individual hairs lose density and become very thin. This can happen due to the thinning of the pores in the scalp or due to hair breakage. Malnourishment in the scalp can also cause hair thinning. This is not balding but this will reduce the hair density and make the scalp visible in patches and can dampen your looks. Shudhvi Bountiful hair oil is the best product to improve hair thinning. When massaged on the scalp, it penetrates the pores, nourishes it and promotes the growth of healthy and thick hair.  It improves hair density and gives you a refreshing look.


Our body shreds hundreds of hairs every day and replaces them with new hairs. Hair loss occurs when the body fails to replace the lost hair. When this happens regularly it can result in areas on the scalp where there is very little or no hair. This can alter your looks and be highly damaging to your confidence. But now, it is time to put your worry away because Shudhvi Bountiful hair oil is a one-stop solution to your hair loss. When massaged regularly, it nourishes the scalp and promotes hair growth that will keep your baldness at bay. In a few weeks of using Shudhvi Bountiful hair, you will notice visible changes in hair. On regular use, your hair loss will reverse.



Hair loss if left untreated for some time can turn into baldness. Baldness which occurs due to genetic reasons is not easily reversible. In such cases Shudhvi Bountiful hair oil helps in slowing down the balding process. If baldness occurs due to lifestyle problems, then it is reversible with the regular use of Shudhvi Bountiful hair oil. It is best to follow the lifestyle recommendations listed below to improve the chances of reversing baldness with this hair oil.

At times patches of baldness also occur due to fungal infections. Shudhvi hair oil is loaded with ayurvedic ingredients that help fight this condition and restore normalcy in hair and scalp.



Shudhvi Bountiful hair oil can also replace your normal hair oil for regular hair massage. Regular use can promote improved hair growth and strengthens even in individuals with healthy hair.

It is very effective in reversing premature greying of the hairs on regular use. Within a few days of use it will show visible results by halting the progress of grey hair strands in the scalp.

This hair oil is also highly nourishing to the scalp. It can be effective in improving conditions in the scalp like dandruff and dryness as an adjuvant.



No oil can provide standalone results for the hair. This is especially true in case of conditions like male pattern baldness. Hence certain lifestyle changes are recommended. Follow these recommendations along with your Shudhvi Bountiful hair oil massage to help improve the impact of the hair oil and thus hasten the healing process in the hair and scalp.

Consuming more foods with a cooling virya (potency)

Avoiding pungent and spicy foods

Get a good physical exercise every day. This helps in the circulation of blood and thus more nutrients can reach the scalp.

As much as possible having a balanced diet with respect to the six tastes and climate

Oil Massage one’s scalp regularly with Shudhvi Bountiful hair oil.

Meditate to reduce stress

Eat at regular intervals, avoid skipping meals

Follow Dinacharya (daily habits recommended in Ayurveda) and Ritucharya (season specific habits)

Stay hydrated, drink adequate amount of water in regular intervals

Get a good quality of sleep. Sleeping at the right time (night) is also very important. Not getting proper sleep can also cause hair fall as it heats up the skull.

Reduce the use of chemical shampoos and opt for natural alternatives like Shudhvi Herbal hair wash powder.

Practicing relevant Yogasanas like Shirsh asana or head stand and Sarvaanga asana or shoulder stand can help fitter and more balanced people combat hair fall.

Avoid leaving the hair wet for long, since this can cause damage.



Massage your scalp with Shudhvi Bountiful hair oil at least two times a week. Regular use can give better results.



Shudhvi Bountiful hair oil is an ayurvedic herbal formula which is also hand made. Hence it is completely devoid of side effects.


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