Addiction to tobacco and cigarettes is a major problem in today’s world.  Smoking tobacco can cause cancer and various other related diseases. Tobacco smoking kills thousands of people all around the globe annually. In comparison to the number of people who died due to tobacco smoking annually, the numbers for the present covid-19 pandemic fall short.

There is a cigarette making company which is campaigning for “Tobacco-free Youth”.  Yes, they market three varieties of products which are cigarettes but completely free of tobacco and even beneficial for the health. Mea Ame Organic Smokes is a product designed with tulsi and tea leaves as primary ingredients. These two antioxidant-rich products are loaded in this product mixed in the right proportion to make it as much beneficial for your health as possible.


It is the best alternative for people who are unable to quit smoking. Instead of opting for extensive de-addiction therapy and chewing random tablets, here, Mea Ame gives you an opportunity to retain your smoking habit and also make it beneficial for your health.



The manufacturer claims Organic Smokes is designed as per the principles of ancient ayurvedic texts. Ayurveda recommends practices like smoking therapy, steam therapy etc. to heal a variety of diseases. These therapies involving smokes or vapors from medicinal plants are recommended for organ cleansing, combating infections and treating other conditions. Mea Amo Organic Smokes use the same principle by using nutrient-rich herbs instead of tobacco to make your smoking experience relatively healthy.



Mea amo Organic Smokes are filled with the goodness of tulsi and tea leaves. This makes your smoke rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients. The leaves are rolled in 100% virgin paper for a hygienic experience. There is also a cotton filter and tar out filter to make the experience healthy. One of the major complaints for other herbal smoking products was that the tar smoked through these products was as harmful as tobacco smoking.  Organic Smokes fixes this by placing a tar-out filter.

Mea amo is certified for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) assuring the users a hygienic and high standard manufacturing process and a safe-to-use product. It is a patented product which is registered as a Traditional Herbal Medicine under the Ministry of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Siddha, Unani and Homeopathy), Government of India.



Tulsi or the Holy Basil is traditionally used to boost immunity and relieve a plethora of respiratory diseases.  Steam therapy by water infused by tulsi leaves is considered a highly beneficial purifier for the internal organs. Tulsi is rich in antioxidants and indicated to improve health of the lungs and also to clear congestions.



Organic Smokes is one of the best stress relievers.

It is the go-to product for people who are addicted to smoking but want to save themselves from the negative effects of tobacco.

If you feel depressed or want to beat your procrastination Organic Smokes can offer relief. It helps uplift your mood.

The presence of tulsi as a major ingredient means you can expect a few medicinal benefits. Organic Smokes can relieve the common cold.

If adjusting to different time zones is your problem, Organic Smokes relieve Jet lag.



Organic Smokes comes in three different variants. Occasional mild users and people who are tempted to smoke multiple times a day can use Organic Smokes Mild.

The ones who keep a tab on their smoking habits but are addicted and smoke in regular intervals can use Organic Smokes Regular

And the ones who want a heavy dose of flavor whenever you smoke can opt for Organic Smokes Menthol



It is recommended to have one cigarette of Organic Smokes, a maximum of one in every four hours.

You can get professional help during your transition from other cigarettes to this product from an Ayurvedic doctor.



This product is specifically designed to help smokers have a healthier experience.

It is not advisable for non-smokers

Keep out of the reach of children.

People with respiratory diseases and weak lungs are advised to not try this product.

People with chronic conditions are advised to consult an ayurvedic doctor before trying this product. It is 100% safer and beneficial than other cigarettes but is not an alternative to health tonics

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