Chawanprash is a multi-herbal and highly processed ayurvedic preparation. It helps to improve immune response against diseases and promotes overall health. It was amongst the medicines recommended by Ayurvedic doctors for improving immunity in the face of the covid-19 pandemic. ‘Baidynath Chyawan-Fit Sugar Free’ is a sugar free version of this Ayurvedic elixir.

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Chawanprash was one the most in demand products which flew from the shelfs during the rush for immunity boosters at the start of the pandemic. Chawanprash is the most exotic ayurvedic preparation for improving immunity response and for overall health. It invokes a complex preparation process and involves more than 50 herbal ingredients and jaggery or sugar candy. It is that ingredient ‘jaggery’ which took Chawanprash out of the reach of thousands of health conscious people around the world. Baidyanath Ayurveda on realizing this demand for a Chawanprash which has lesser sugar content has designed their ‘Baidyanath Chyawan – Fit Sugar Free’. This new product retains all the herbal ingredients and preparation methodology of original minus sugar candy or jaggery. This helps the product to retain all the vital nutrients of the herbal mixture but doesn’t add the carbs which come from sugar. Now, India’s most exotic immunity booster is not a ‘touch me not’ for diet conscious people. People who are watching their sugar intake can also benefit from this ayurvedic elixir thanks to the efforts of Baidyanath Ayurveda.

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In India, Ayurvedic seers over centuries have recommended this Ayurvedic jam for immunity against diseases during the rainy season. The varsha ritu or rainy season is considered one the times when the average health drops. It is time which limits physical activities, reduces consumption and is also a time when the body is exposed to relatively less hygienic places. Historically it was also a time when food availability would go down. The temperature also drops in the rainy season naturally reducing body’s immunity. To get through such challenging times our ancient seers designed an amrita with the best herbs and naturally available minerals to ensure there is no deficiency of nutrition during the monsoons. Chawanprash was that formula. It was designed to ensure maximum nutrition to the people at times of vulnerability. 


Chyawan- Fit Sugar Free is marketed as a sugar free version of Chawanprash which retains all the nutritional and immunity boosting characteristics of the original. It is considered relatively safer for people who are diabetic. It is a delight for people who are on a sugar conscious diet. People intended to reduce the consumption of carbs can now opt for this sugar free version of the immunity booster offered by Baidyanath Ayurveda. Surprisingly the sugar free version has not compromised a lot when it comes to taste though it doesn’t taste as sweet as the original.


It is recommended to consume one or two tablespoon of ‘Baidynath Chyawan- Fit Sugar Free’ for increased immunity in the time of the pandemic. It can be consumed throughout the year for immunity. However it is especially recommended in the monsoons to stay healthy.

An ayurvedic doctor can help you select your personalized dosage with respect to your sharira prakriti (body type) and guna karmas (state of mind and consciousness).


‘Chyawan-Fit Sugar Free’ sure is free from sugar candy base but has another similar substitute substance although in relatively lesser quantity. It contains sucralose. Though it is not a harmful substance and doesn’t spike blood sugar levels to the extent normal chawanprash might have, it is advisable for diabetic patients who are not keeping tabs on their blood sugar levels to consult an ayurvedic doctor before consuming this product.


Baidyanath’s Chyawan – Fit helps keep fatigue and general debility away.

It is a powerful immunity booster and can offer protection from pathogens and from uncomfortable weather.

It is loaded with an ocean of herbs and naturally occurring minerals and hence is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients

It is complete rejuvenator. It improves overall health of the body.

It helps to fight all kinds of diseases especially for those with pre-existing comorbidities; this ayurvedic jam can help improve immune responses.


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