Vitamin E Benefits In Hair Growth

Hair is a girl’s best friend. Heartbreaks, hurt but hair fall pierces the soul. Be it long or short, curled or straight luscious hair is the crown that every lady loves to wear. So, to enjoy the blessing of shiny thick strands it is essential to take good care of them.

Beauty care regime becomes easy and fruitful when you are equipped with the right amenities. Vitamin E is one such magical weapon to combat many foes of hair and skin. Vitamin E oil or capsules are a must have item in your secret drawer of youth and radiance.

Let’s check out what Vitamin E does for your treasurous tresses – 

Vitamin E being an exceptional antioxidant offers a plethora of beauty and health benefits. It helps to rebuild and repair aged tissues and damaged follicles. It also assists the healthy follicles to promote hair growth. 

 Maintains scalp health

Sebum secretion and oil production of the scalp are the two main factors that regulate the health of our tresses. When the natural balance of pH level gets disturbed, our delicate strands faces many critical issues like excess hair loss, thinning of hair, dandruff, itching and baldness. 

Vitamin E oil moisturizes the scalp and controls the secretion of sebaceous glands while thereby balancing the pH levels.

Regulates Blood Circulation

A blend of vitamin E in any base oil for hair care makes a perfect combo for hair massage. It broadens the blood vessels thereby facilitating smooth circulation of blood and optimal nourishment of hair follicles. 

Conditions Hair

Vitamin E works amazingly well as a conditioner to our hair. It locks the moisture in the shaft of the hair, eliminates dryness, and provides strong, smooth and easy to comb hair. 

Strong Antioxidant

Vitamin E is one of the finest and rich antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals which damage hair and scalp. It keeps the hair follicles free from any type of damage while fighting breakage and split-ends. 

Prevents balding and greying of the hair

Bald patches and grey strands are the absolute nightmare one can ever have! With the pollutants, dust, dirt and stressful life these are the common problems that can come to you at any age and stage of life. Vitamin E oil prevents depletion of tissues and its antioxidant properties fight off the harmful free radicals which in turn helps stop premature greying of hair. 

Repairs split ends

Split ends are absolutely annoying! They make the hair look dull, lose its charm and inhibit its growth. Regular application of vitamin E oil keeps the strands healthy and combats split ends.

Repairs damaged hair follicles 

Harmful chemicals, toxins, dust, dirt and many small particles get stuck in the hair which makes them rough, dull and itchy. Using the chemical products just worsens the condition. Applying Vitamin E to the scalp and hair takes away the accumulated harmful substances, lightens the hair and opens up the clogged follicles which repair the hair and boosts healthy hair growth.

With so many goodies wrapped in its pockets Vitamin E is definitely worth a try. And the best part about it is Vitamin E capsules do not tear your pockets!

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