Best Ayurvedic face pack

Best Ayurvedic face pack

Amrita Glory Herbal Face Pack is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine prepared by Amrita Drugs Pvt. Ltd to improve facial skin health. Be it eliminating pimple and rash marks or improving the tone and texture of facial skin, Amrita Glory Herbal pack can be your go-to facial option. It is prepared exclusively from dried and powdered herbal extracts which are mixed in the required proportion to give the best results for your skin. It is completely free from chemicals, preservatives, and other toxic artificial ingredients. Get the glow of your dreams with Amrita’s Glory facial pack.

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Amrita’s Glory face pack is prepared exclusively from herbs that are cherry-picked from ayurvedic literature to improve your facial skin health.

It is loaded with skin-enhancing herbal ingredients like coriander, rakta chandhana, sweet flag plant extracts, manjistha, Lodha and arjuna extracts for overall skin nourishment. It also contains extracts from nutmeg which possess high anti-aging properties and can help keep a youthful face.

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Wash your face with normal water and dry clean it with a towel.

Mix this herbal powder in the required amount of water to make a thick paste.

Apply it thoroughly on the face to create a layer with this paste.

Ensure the product doesn’t go into your eyes or mouth. If it does go in accidentally wash the eyes thoroughly. If irritation persists call a doctor. If it goes into the mouth spit it out and gargle some water. It is less likely to cause any irritation or harm because this facial product is prepared exclusively from powerful ayurvedic herbs most of which have oral functions. Having said that, oral consumption of this product is strictly discouraged

Leave the herbal layer on your face for at least 30-40 minutes. Preferably sit or lie down in a position with the face tilted upwards. The herbal layer shall be left for a longer time if desired and that can provide better benefits. At least leave it long enough for it to dry.

This face pack can also be applied at night before going to bed and washed off in the morning. 

Wash off the facial with water at room temperature and dry your face.

Feel the freshness of your herbal facial!

For best results, it is advised to do this facial at least four times a week.

It is normally recommended to follow the practice for up to 3 months to obtain the desired results.


Amrita Glory Face Pack can be used to relieve pimples and acne in the skin

It is highly effective in helping minimize or eradicate rashes and other marks on the skin with continuous use.

The process of doing the facial is highly relaxing and if done with someone’s assistance can be very relaxing.

It can help relieve stress and offer a refreshing and positive mindset and looks. Click here to know an age old stress relieving formula for new generation stress

It removes dirt and sweat which are present in the skin.

It also helps eradicate black spots/dots on which are dirt settlements on the nose and cheeks.

With continuous use, it can help improve skin tone and hue.

It is loaded with herbs that have anti-aging properties and can help keep the skin youthful for a longer period of time.

Amrita Glory Face Pack is loaded with nutritious herbs which can provide all the necessary nutrients for skin health.

It also helps moisture the facial skin.

If you feel your skin is wrinkling prematurely use this medicine to improve skin health and slow down wrinkling of the skin.


No Side Effects are reported for using this product yet

Glory Face Pack is a purely herbal composition. It is less likely to cause any long-term side effects compared to other natural face packs with added artificial ingredients.


After opening if you are storing the powder for a long period of time ensure you keep it dry.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight

Keep it out of the reach of children

The color of the product might change with time because of the herbal composition. However, it does not affect the efficacy of the product.


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