Best Ayurvedic medicines for diabetes

best ayurvedic medicines for diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases plaguing the modern man. It comes with the risk of a cluster of ails that needs proper care and management. 70% of diabetes patients get diabetic retinopathy. 45% get neurological problems. 40% encounter kidney problems and 45% suffer from heart problems.

Modern pills control blood sugar level but they do not help in preventing these collateral damages caused by Diabetes. Not to forget the long-term side-effects caused by the continuous popping of pills.

Hence, it is imperative to look for alternative options in combating these possible damages. Ayurveda offers natural and safe alternatives. It works either as an adjuvant or main treatment to diabetes.

Here are the best Ayurvedic medicines recommended for treating diabetes.

Diabecon D S Tablet – Himalaya

Himalaya Diabecon DS tablets is a unique combination of 3 herbs. Gymnema (Meshashringi), Indian Kino Tree (Pitasara) and Shilajeet. It is an effective anti-diabetic herbal supplement for managing primary stages of diabetes. Its natural ingredients help the body produce its own insulin. It also minimizes long term complications of diabetes. Diabecon D S reduces high glucose content in the blood. It keeps the body healthy and functioning normally.

Gymnema reduces excessive blood sugar. It also stimulates the production and activity of insulin. Pitasara regularizes the key metabolic enzymes involved in carbohydrate metabolism. Shilajeet decreases hepatic glucose production and prevents hyperglycaemia. It also protects the pancreas and stimulates insulin production. 


Mehari Choorna – Ayurvedeeya Arkshala

Mehari Choorna by Ayurvedeeya Arkashala Ltd. is an ayurvedic herbal dry powder of 3 special herbs. It is indicated in pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Mehari Choorna is very effective in reducing blood sugar levels. It combats the complications related to high blood glucose.

Mehari Choorna is effective in soothing symptoms of diabetes. It is advised in treating thirst, burning sensation, frequent urination,  and constipation. Regular use of ‘Mehari Choorna’ helps to reduce the dose of oral hypoglycaemic drugs.

Pramehant – Brihatri

Pramehant by Brihatri is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine. It is effective in managing blood glucose levels. This Ayurvedic medicine has been clinically proven for its effects on lowering blood sugar levels. It has been proven safe for long-term use without any side effects. 

Pramehant helps in the secretion of insulin in the body. It reduces insulin resistance and lowers the risk of complications associated with high glucose levels. It is made of vijayasara, amalaki, saptachakra, jambu, shilajit, karela, guduchi, haridra.

Nishamalaki – Amrita

Nishamalaki tablets are prepared from turmeric and amalaki. Rich in anti-oxidants, this combination is very effective in regulating blood sugar levels. It is widely used in treating diabetes and its complications. This combination is also effective in treating allergic breakouts, frequent infections etc.

It helps to maintain blood sugar levels. Nishamalaki is advised in relieving urticaria and allergic skin manifestations. It also prevents allergies and infections. It improves digestion and helps in maintaining energy levels.


Yesaka – Simandhar Herbal

Yesaka is an ayurvedic herbal proprietary medicine. It is prepared with a combination of time-tested herbs like Karela, Guduchi, Jambu, Amalaki, Bhumyamalaki. These are known to control excess sugar level in the blood. The herbs used stimulates secretion from the pancreas which acts as an agent to normalize blood sugar.

Yesaka stimulates beta cells in the pancreas to increase insulin production. It reduces sugar level in blood and improves digestion and metabolism. This amazing Ayurvedic medicine is a great blood purifier. It prevents complications like polyuria and general debility that are caused by diabetes.


Mehon capsules – Ayuveda One

Mehon capsule is a 100% Ayurvedic  preparation. It acts as an appetizer, liver stimulant and as a mild laxative. Mehon capsule corrects glucose metabolism, helps in digestion and expels gas.

This Ayurvedic formulation is known for its safety and efficacy. It can also be taken with other allopathic medicines. It does not cause the sudden fall of blood sugar level and is safe, tolerable and acceptable medicine.


As with any medicine, it is advised to administer these medicines only after doctor’s consultation. Their interaction with other medicines, doses and other aspects need to be speculated.



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