Best Ayurvedic Medicines for Numbness

best ayurvedic medicines for numbness

Numbness is an uneasy sensation that happens because of restricted blood circulation. It is experienced after sitting long in a particular position. This usually does not need any medical intervention. However, long-lasting or unexplained numbness can be a sign of an underlying condition. 

Long-term numbness in the legs or feet may be due to some severe condition. Multiple sclerosis (MS), diabetesperipheral artery disease, or fibromyalgia may be the causeThe sensation may be felt in different areas of the body.

Ayurveda offers natural and safe ways of treating numbness due to chronic conditions. Ayurvedic herbal-formulations address the underlying condition and alleviate the symptoms. 

Here are 3 best Ayurvedic proprietary medicines effective in treating numbness.

Nurall Capsule – Ayurveda One

Nurall Capsule is an ayurvedic herbal capsule for numbness. It is a combination of neuropathic pain reliever and nerve rejuvenatorIt is anti-inflammatory and analgesic in nature. In fact, Nurall Capsules are one of the best Ayurvedic remedies for Neuropathic conditions.

Nurall is effective in soothing neuropathic pain due to injury or diabetes. It also aids pain due to dysfunction of the nervous system. Nurall is an excellent remedy in Fibromyalgia. This Ayurvedic formula helps in Peripheral neuropathy and Alcoholic neuropathy. Doctors trust Nurall in treating Low Back Pain and Spondylitis.

Ksheerabala 101 Drops – Arya Vaidya Pharmacy

 Ksheerabala 101 Drops is ayurvedic oil for numbness. It is a fortified version of ksheerabala. Ksheerabala 101 Drops is more effective in pacifiying vata. It relieves pain, inflammation, swelling, stiffness, and numbness. It nourishes the tissues and makes them toned and strong. This oil is especially recommended in the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases.

The main ingredient of Ksheerabala 101 Drops is Bala. Bala is a potent neuroprotective herb. It is a well-known nervine tonic that alleviates pain and nerve irritation. Ksheerabala 101 Drops has multiple benefits on nerves, brain, spinal cord, bones, muscles, joints, etc.

This Ayurvedic medicine helps in curing neuromuscular pains. It soothes the piercing pain in sciatica, brings relief in spondylosis and paralysis, aids all types of arthritis and myalgia. Its rejuvenating action helps to repair the damaged tissue. 

Ksheerabala 101 Drops provide nourishment to the nerves, brain, and spinal structures. This oil is also available in capsule form.

Neurevive Tablets – Avance

 Neurevive is an ayurvedic research product for relieving numbness. It alleviates the tingling sensation and brings relief in pain. It keeps the body active the whole day. Neurevive Tablets calms the nervous system.

It soothes the tingling sensation. Neurevive is extremely helpful in the long-term management of neurodegenerative conditions.

7 Natural Ways to Prevent Chronic Numbness


Ensure the right intake of vitamins in your daily diet. Peripheral neuropathy may also be related to vitamin deficiencies. Vitamin B is crucial for nerve health. Vitamin D also helps prevents nerve pain. A deficiency of these vitamins can lead to significant nerve damage.


Smoking adversely affects blood circulation. Impacted blood circulation may result in increased numbness and pain. The best way to prevent numbness is quitting smoking

Warm Bath

A warm bath can be soothing. It helps alleviate pain symptoms from neuropathy. Warm water increases blood circulation throughout the body. This helps in relieving numbness and pain.


What’s better than a little work out to get the blood circulation flow? Regular exercise helps in preventing pain and controlling blood sugar levels. This helps in reducing nerve damage. Exercise is also helpful in the management of stress and anxiety. All these factors aid in alleviating numbness and pain. Practicing yoga also helps in healing.

Essential oils

Essential oils help in improving blood circulation in the body. They have pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that boost healing. Just applying the oil on the affected area helps in reducing stinging and tingling pains.


Meditation is a boon for people struggling with neuropathy symptoms. It helps lower stress and decreases the intensity of pain. It is also beneficial in managing stress and depression. It is a non-invasive technique that helps in coping better with the symptoms.


Acupuncture promotes natural healing by stimulating the pressure points. It relieves pain and tingling sensation naturally. It is important to perform acupuncture only through trained experts.


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