Best Ayurvedic Medicines for Thyroid

best ayurvedic medicines for thyroid

Thyroid, a small butterfly-shaped organ located at the back of the neck, is responsible for many prime functions. It secretes several hormones that influence metabolism, growth, and body temperature. These hormones are also responsible for the health of the heart and digestive system, brain development, mood, and bone maintenance. 

An imbalance in the production of these hormones results in thyroid problems. An overproduction of hormone cause hyperthyroidism. An underactive thyroid gland causes hypothyroidism, goiter, etc. Other issues related to the thyroid glands are Thyroiditis, thyroid cancer, thyroid nodule, etc.

Thyroid diseases have tripled in recent years. This has aroused the need to find better preventive and curative treatments that do not trigger any side effects.

Ayurveda, the 5000year-old science of healing is known to restore the body balance through natural therapies. It offers a holistic approach encompassing every sphere of the patient’s life. From diet to exercise to herbal medicines, Ayurveda offers time-tested solutions for treating thyroid disorders.

Here are the 5 best herbal remedies from the house of Ayurveda that are widely used to treat Thyroid problems.

Gaytarin – Arya Aushadi

Gayatrin is a special ayurvedic proprietary preparation that clears the channel blocks. It regulates thyroid hormones. It helps in maintaining thyroid health. Gayatrin is also helpful in Goiter. It is non-toxic, safe and doesn’t cause any side-effects.

It is effective in indigestion, loss of appetite, inflammation, and hypothyroidism. This Ayurvedic preparation helps in regulating metabolism and improving blood circulation to the muscle and bony tissues.

Kanchanara Guggulu – Brihatri

Kanchanar Guggulu is a multifunctional ayurvedic classical medicine. Brihatri products are well-known for their quality, efficacy, and safety. Brihatri Kanchanara Guggulu helps in hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. It regulates hormonal imbalance and brings about normal functioning. 

It also promotes the functioning of the lymphatic system, removes toxins and treats joint pains. This amazing Ayurvedic medicine supports the proper circulation of blood and eliminates wastes. Its anti-inflammatory action helps to reduce swelling in the neck and in goitre.

Thyrocap – Capro

Thyrocap is a proprietary herbal Ayurvedic formulation. It is a thyroid stimulant and is very effective in treating thyroid disorders. It also aids in maintaining thyroid health and helps in reducing the weight gained due to thyroid disorder.

Prepared with natural ingredients it has diuretic and anti-inflammatory actions. It is completely safe and is not known to cause any side-effects.  Experts trust Thyrocap for treating non-toxic goiter and malfunctioning of the thyroid gland.

Thyronarc Tablet – Vasishta Pharma

Thyronarc Tablet is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine widely used for treating thyroid disorders. It is known for being effective in both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Thyronarc Tablet helps in regulating and normalizing the thyroid hormones.

It is prepared with potent herbs like Kanchanara, Mahayogaraj Guggulu, Varuna, Trikatu, Gokshura, Shilajithu, Jatamansi, and Ashwagandha. These ingredients make it a great anti-stress, anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory agent. Thyronarc Tablet maintains a healthy metabolism and reduces the symptoms of thyroid. 

Munithyrone Tablet – Muniyal Ayurveda

Munithyrone Tab is another potent medicine from Ayurveda, effective in both hypo and hyperthyroidism.  It helps regulate and normalizes the secretion of thyroid hormones. Munithyrone Tab also maintains the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland.

Munithyrone Tab is useful to relieve the associated conditions like anaemia, general debility, weight variation, and mood swings. It acts as an immune-modulator and reduces thyroid swelling. 

Ayurveda in Thyroid Disorders

The efficacy and safety of Ayurvedic formulations for treating hormonal imbalances are well-known. Along with these super-effective medicines, the Ayurvedic Vaidya also checks for the root cause of this imbalance and offers corrective measures.


5 main causes of Thyroid disorders: 

  1. Lack of nutrition
  2. Stress
  3. Exercise
  4. Pregnancy and menopause 
  5. Lack of sleep

By bringing a balance in nutrition, sleep, exercise, and mental health, the issues of the thyroid gland can be prevented or managed well!

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