cleanse your nasal and sinus regions with ayurvedic spray with bibo saline nasal spray

bibo saline nasal spray

saline nasal spray

Bibo Saline Nasal Spray is a natural herbal medicine prepared exclusively from ingredients mentioned in the ancient ayurvedic texts for instant relief from Nasal congestion.

A single spray of Bibo Saline Nasal Spray on both nostrils is all it takes for immediate relief from Nasal congestion.


A good breath is a primary requisite for a happy living. Nasal blockages can make breathing itself a difficult process. It can as a result spoil your mood and make you inefficient at work.

Thousands of people have many of their days spoilt because of seasonal nose blockades. If you are amongst those, you might have already realized most of the nasal sprays in the market have chemical ingredients that improve blockages but their long-term side effects are unknown.

Bibo Saline Nasal Spray is an outstanding product from Unexo Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. It is made from herbal ingredients mentioned in ancient ayurvedic texts and provides the same action as other nasals sprays but with the guarantee of Ayurveda with respect to side effects.

So if you have nasal congestion, it is time to grab a Bibo Nasal Saline Spray.



Bibo Saline Nasal Spray is made 100% from Ayurvedic ingredients. Tulsi, Ginger, Menthol, Lavana (salt), and purified water are the ingredients used in this formulation.

Tulsi is seen as one of the most effective herbs to treat the common cold in the Ayurveda system of medicine. Its efficacy to treat common cold and cough has also been proven by many modern scientific studies.

Tulsi improves immunity in the body. In the post-pandemic world, consumption of Tulsi is widely being recommended to have improved immunity to fight against all kinds of respiratory diseases.

Yes, Tulsi can be indicated for all kinds of respiratory diseases. 

Tulsi has strong anti-inflammatory properties and thus help in healing ulcers. It is also rich in antioxidants making it an effective medicine to improve chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. It is also very beneficial for skin health.


Ginger is also an herb which also widely used in Ayurveda systems to treat cough and cold. In the common cold, ginger can help liquefy the mucus and this helps improve nasal congestion. Ginger also effectively provides relief from pains and aches.

Hence it is used to treat muscle pain and soreness. It is also used to treat conditions like osteoarthritis. It is a powerful immunity booster and stimulates immune-modulatory actions against invading pathogens.

Menthol is an organic compound that is extracted from peppermint oil and other mint oils. It is historically used across various cultures to relieve nasal congestion. Menthol is also used to treat sprains and pains.

On topical application, it provides a cooling effect on the skin followed by long-term warmth feeling, this impact on the skin helps relieve pains and aches.

On inhaling, it helps remove mucus build up in the nose and throat.

The combination of these three natural herbal ingredients in salt and purified water makes Bibo Saline Nasal Spray, a natural, safe and ideal product to get instant relief from nasal congestion.



Bibo Saline Nasal Spray is primarily used to get instant relief from Nasal congestions.

It can also be used as an adjuvant to treat cold, cough, and seasonal respiratory diseases.

It has nasal cleansing properties and can clear the nasal and breathing passage of mucus, dirt, and microbes.

It can be used along with water to gargle and thus clean the mouth.



It is recommended to spray once in each nostril two times a day or as recommended by the physician

For using as a mouthwash, it is recommended to spray ten times in a glass of water and gargle it in the mouth.


  • No side effects are observed for using this product.
  • It is absolutely safe for most persons.
  • If any discomfort is noticed, stop using and consult a doctor
  • Read the label thoroughly before use

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