The company believes to work under a certain “rule chart” which makes them stand on the responsibilities in three areas:
Responsibilities for the health of consumers
The products are pure and natural which ensures the best health of customers
There are no herbs present in the products which are injurious to children
The modern scientific formulation blends perfectly with traditional health systems.
Responsibilities for land and biodiversity
Sustainable cultivation is adapted for collection of herbs
Products are non-toxic and free from any other chemical combinations
Animal-testing is strictly prohibited.
Responsibilities for farmers
The farmers employed for them get a secured life.
Environment-friendly techniques of farming are adapted.
A part of the profit is delivered to farmer welfares
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The herbs used for the production of medicines by 18 herbs are, mainly Coconut, Lemon, Aloe vera, Brahmi, Tulsi, Noni and many more herbs. All the company products can be bought online with surety of efficiency.
The popular products include 18 herbs organics pure edible sesame oil, 18 herbs protein powder, 18 herbs organics slim health capsules, 18 herbs organics green tea with mint, 18 herbs organics karippanthailam (hair oil). Shop online at ayurcentralonline for the great range of the 18 Herbs Organics products 24×7!

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