Brihatri anardhana goli for optimal digestion

Back in the early 1990’s when I was probably 5 or 6, we used to visit our grannies very often. During the Diwali and the summer vacations or any special occasion, even we would hop down anytime in the long weekends. Life was slow and peaceful untouched by the drag of digitalization and worries of the modern world. 
Earnings were less, but our necessities were also less. We used to be happy with every little thing we got. Going to our grannies, playing in the mud with my cousins, listening to the endless stories, it was just fun unlimited.

We used to complete over our lunch and dinner because our grandmother had this little box that contained delicious golis and we would gobble everything just to get that sweat and salty punch of Anardhana Goli. It was simply irresistible.

So, when my wife brought this pack of Brihatri Anardhana Goli from her happy store, AyurCentral, I could not resist the urge to open it and pop one. As the taste melted in my tongue, tickling my taste buds, I felt like traversing through times to that carefree era once again.

Brihatri Anardhana Goli has many benefits and that’s why grannie used to give it to us every day after lunch and dinner. But I was too immersed in its taste to care for its benefits, it came to me as a bonanza. 
Try Brihatri Anardhana Goli from your nearest AyurCentral store or get one online, and thank me later!
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