BRIHATRI Ashwagandhadi Lehya was my solution.

Real estate is a tough scene! With the housing prices going up and taxes surging at unstoppable rates, working in real estate has become more challenging than ever. The irregular timings, continuous travelling, missed meals and compromised sleep had taken a toll on me, mentally and physically. Recently I started gaining weight. But I didn’t pay any heed to it.

Every day I was low and down, drained of energy. I woke up tired with a sore body and sleepy eyes. I had no desire to work or do anything. In fact, sex felt like work to me. Every night I turned my wife down.

Even when she tried to turn me on, nothing happened! One day, she forced me to her family doctor and he diagnosed me with erectile dysfunction. I was shocked, but more than the disease I was worried that everybody in the family would know! I shouted at him, blamed him of false diagnosis and walked out in rage.

I feel so embarrassed and humiliated. I have stopped stepping out of the house. Her family doctor came to my visit. I got furious seeing him. But he patiently sat through all my taunts and insults.

He consoled me, talked to me about it and broke the taboo. He said that it’s a common problem in men, caused by high stress and it is absolutely treatable. I felt a little better seeing hope in his words.

He prescribed me BRIHATRI Ashwagandhadi Lehya and consoled me for the stress. In a week’s time, not only my sex life got back on track, but even the stress and tiredness were gone!

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