Brihatri Jeera Goli For Obesity

In the wake of the plaguing issues of malnutrition and deficiency diseases, people desperately turned to fill their plates with anything and everything that’s edible. They were so concerned about not eating enough that they unconsciously dumped more food than the body can actually use. 
Eating was no more treated as a fuel for the body, it became a symbol of the status. After all, there is a thriving billion-dollar food industry that satiates more than hunger. People gobbled down the bread and pie, the snacks and drinks only to realize a decade later that it’s not just about how much you eat but what you eat and how well you eat.

Today, obesity is one of the major problems crippling healthy individuals and pushing people to the edge of their graves. It is an epidemic and the West is fighting hard, and now, soaring from diabetes to cancer, it has a long list of allies that brings a storm of turmoil in the body.

The most common and immediate trouble of overeating is indigestion which can be soothed with the magical effects of Brihatri Jeera goli, but the impacts of overeating go beyond indigestion. So, next time you fill your plate, eat only to satiate your need and not your greed!

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