Brihatri Mix seeds (Roasted and Salted) are packed with the benefits of watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds in one single packing. If you are confused about which offering from Brihatri is best suited for you, then don’t waste time thinking get this all in one pack and enjoy the benefits of all seeds in one go! They are pretty portable with each other and can be consumed together for enhanced benefits and a unique mixed taste! Of course, the salty flavoring will take over as the predominant taste; you will still get the unique mixed nutty flavor on your taste buds.

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Seeds possess a power that is generally attributed to the gods. It is the power to create. A small tiny seed when provided with the necessary environment grows into a large plant and feeds hundreds of animals and even offers asylum to many beings. Many make these plants their home and for many, it will be their world but it all started with that single seed! Seeds have this incredible power to create a plant maybe that was why our ancestors got into the habit of consuming seeds because they would have thought seeds could give them powers which no other food items could! Today from scientific and civilizational progress we know the above analogy is at best a poetic expression but science has also proven that certain nutrients and phyto-components available in certain seeds cannot be replaced by other alternatives. All scientists today recommended the consumption of a few nuts and seeds as a part of a balanced diet to keep all kinds of diseases at bay!

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Brihatri products are prepared from the best quality raw materials available in the market. The seeds used in making Brihatri Mix seeds (Roasted and Salted) are sourced from the best farms which cultivate them organically without adding any harmful chemicals. They are processed in a healthy environment, cleaned and sun-dried in a hygienic setting. Then the seeds are roasted and salted by ensuring there is no compromise on the nutritious value of the original and packed in a pet bottle for easy consumption and storage for end consumers. There is always a focus on quality at Brihatri which makes their products to be of the best quality. So Brihatri Mix seeds (Roasted and Salted) are definitely the best in class offering for your health and happiness. Click here to buy now!


These seeds are a rich source of all necessary nutrients including carbohydrates, essential fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. The nutrient density in this product almost makes it like a standalone balanced diet.

This product is relatively safe for diabetic, blood pressure and cholesterol patients. It is recommended for people in this category to opt for these seeds ahead of other junky snacks.

Loaded with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds, this product is an excellent source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Protein density of the seeds used to make this mixture is almost unmatched. You will almost never find a better protein rich “ready to eat” diet!

Making Brihatri Mix Seeds (Roasted and Salted) a regular part of your diet can help in reaping its cardio-protective qualities. It helps prevent all kinds of heart diseases.

All the seeds used to make this mixture are great sources of zinc. Zinc is a primary ingredient in many immunity-boosting allopathic medicine. So consuming these seeds will help provide a natural dose of zinc and might help in improving the immunity of the body.


Brihatri Mix Seeds (Roasted and Salted) come in a ready to consume form. You can just open the bottle and pop a few seeds into your mouth at will. It is recommended to consume 25-30 grams or as recommended by a doctor for good health.

It is ideal to have this salty seed snack as an alternative to fried and junky snacks with your evening tea.


You can topple your salads, ice creams and even fruit juices with this Brihatri Mix seeds for improved taste and doubling up on nutritional benefits.

The seed particles tend to get stuck in between your teeth while you consume so it is advisable to brush your teeth or at least gargle some water after consumption for oral hygiene (to prevent tooth decay). 


Brihatri Mix Seeds (Roasted and Salted) is available in our store. Click here to buy!

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