Brihatri Moisturizing Lotion For Winter Skin Care

Brihatri Moisturizing Lotion

Winters are incomplete without a debate on the best moisturizers available in the city. While the market is swamped by options galore finding that one perfect match is still a task. So, here we have picked the best choice for your family to fight the wrath of this season on your soft skin.

Ditching the cosmetics and chemicals we delved into the sea of Ayurvedic products for a natural umbrella that could protect the skin from outside while nourishing it from inside without causing any potential side effects even after years of use.

From the lot of body lotion, the products catalog of Brihatri moisturizing lotion caught our eyes for its authentic preparation and impressive testimonials. Having tried the lotion on different skins, here is all I can say about this amazing product.

Get deep & long-lasting hydration with Brihatri moisturizing lotion. The fast and effective natural formulation soothes irritation, dryness, scaling, flaky, itching, inflamed or red skin. It is an instant calming moisturizing lotion best suitable for feet, hands, elbows and also face.


Made from 100% pure natural oils, Aloe vera, Green tea, and essential vitamins it nourishes cell regeneration and protects, rejuvenates, restores and repair the damaged layers of skin.

Enriched with organic ingredients it is a natural antiseptic agent that reduces pain, infections, swelling, redness; also dry and damaged skin.

Its fast-absorbing, non-greasy, non-comedogenic, and lightweight nature is definitely a big bonus. The cream blends into the skin giving a balanced complexion without clogging the pores.

It is completely safe for children and adults which makes it worth buy for the whole family.

Brihatri moisturizing lotion contains natural oils that have low-grade antimitotic action on the epidermis and hence are useful in inflammatory dermatosis like psoriasis, where there is increased epidermal mitotic activity

You can try your Ayurvedic punch of body lotion with Brihatri Moisturizing lotion available at AyurCentral stores located across the city of Bengaluru or just consult our Ayurvedic doctors at Ayurcentral for getting the best product suited to your skin problems.

Brihatri moisturizing lotion: 200ml: 145 rupees only

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