Brihatri Moisturizing Lotion For Men

Brihatri Moisturizing Lotion

Certain gender stereotypes are inherently imbibed in our genes. As a little boy, I always teased my elder sister for looking at the mirror all day long, pampering and loving her skin caressing her body.  Being the boy or ‘the man’ as I perceived myself in my early teens, I was not supposed to be glued to mirrors or pay heed to skin care.

But then reality hit me hard in my late teens when I realised that body shaming was real and that being beautiful is a gift rather than a guilt. From being presentable to gaining attention, looks came as that extra goodie which makes things easy.

As I never took any care of my skin or body, I got overweight and my skin appeared scaly, dry and dull. It made me look dirty and unattractive, not only I was treated as a non-existent in my class but my social media handle also suffered a lot.

Inspired by viral movie reviews from the west, I started my own youtube channel. Though my content was nice and videos were good but getting that subscription or like was difficult for my looks lacked that magic touch.

Finally, I swallowed my pride and went to my sister for some tips to improve my skin and reduce my size. She gave me a 45 seconds dead look for all the torture I have been to her, then she introduced me Brihatri moisturizing lotion and green tea. She also lectured me on healthy diet and importance of exercises.

The Brihatri’s natural moisturizing lotion  was thick yet absorbing which soaked into the skin and made it hydrated and supple. Green tea helped me in losing the initial sizes which motivated me to go further and join the gym.

Finally, with lots of Ayurvedic and natural aids, I got that charm which one expects to see on screen and I even did a new video on my journey of ‘ fat to fab ‘ which is my biggest hit till date.

You can switch to Ayurveda anytime and choose  ‘ health over hype ‘. AyurCentral is one of the best stores in the city for Ayurvedic products.

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