Brihatri Moisturizing Lotion | A Winter Guard

Winters can be a dreadful nightmare for those with dry skin. Dead cells, flakes and dry itchy skin not just steals your glamour away but it makes you look pale and lifeless. However, with a good moisturizing lotion, you can enjoy the winter chill without going through its drill.

A perfect moisturizing lotion need not be the most expensive bottle pitched at the front of every rack, it can be wrapped in one of the humble packages of Ayurvedic lotions. Here are a few tips that would surely help you sort down the heap of lotions and find out your perfect match to guard the winters.

Check for the following attributes in your moisturizing lotion:

* No Parabens

* No Petroleum distillates

* No sulfates

These constituents not only cause skin irritation and allergies but can cause potential damage to the skin and body in the long run.

Check the natural ingredients of your moisturizing lotion. Aloevera based moisturizer works particularly well for dry skin. It not just soothes the skin but also provides ample benefits in uplifting the quality and look of the skin.

My personal favourite comes from the Ayurvedic racks as the very concept of no chemicals gives a sense of safety to my skin and my recent obsession has been Brihatri moisturizing lotion. Its moisturizing action increases the water content making the skin look fluffy and alive almost instantly.

As hydration smoothes the skin by flattening the “valleys” between the skin contour ridges, its moisturizing effect makes the skin soft, and more extensible. Being a natural charmer its effect lasts for 6 to 8 hours under the sun.

With my outdoor shifts that come handy to me as I always carry my wet wipes to wash off the dust and dirt, cleanse my exposed skin and reapply the moisturizing lotion for better benefits. My skin has improved in texture and quality and that is a big plus for me that keeps me going back to Brihatri moisturizing lotion.

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