Dandrall Oil Cure For Dandruff

 Living life in front of the camera was my dream since the day I learned the word ‘dream’ and when the moment finally came to realise all the moments I kept in the folds of my heart it all felt like a fairy tale.

But beyond the enchanting clicks and the flamboyant parties, glittery glamour and flashy life there lies a dark tunnel; the darkness of stress and fear, the anxiety of failure and mishaps, the mistakes of being bedazzled and carried away.

Climbing the ladder of my career, I didn’t even realise when stress and overburden silently crept into my life. I started working 18 hours a day, curbed my eating for getting that zero figure body, cut down on my sleep to accommodate my work and went into the trap of a sedentary life.

My life soon took a toll on my beauty. The rigorous styling of my face and hair wrecked my looks for good.  My hair is scraped back, gelled down, drenched in hairspray and ravaged with heated tools almost daily, making the quality, lengths and scalps suffer the wrath.

As they say, the lens bares the soul and captures it all. Soon, my ignorance gleamed through my face with the skin dull and dry and shoulder covered with flakes. Dandruff made me cautious and the itching made it difficult for me to hold on the pose for long. Many models suffer from scalp issues and dandruff and if not treated properly it can even mean the end of career.

On a bit research, I realised dandruff is a bigger complaint amongst models than dry tresses, lack of volume and split ends. I asked a few colleagues for the possible solutions and the maximum vote was for Ayurvedic treatment.

The combination of Dandrall oil and Brihatri anti-dandruff shampoo was voted as the best cure and indeed it was. My scalp became clear just after the first wash and after a couple of weeks there was no sign of flakes at all. The natural ingredients like tulsi, ginger, neem in brihatri anti-dandruff shampoo works wonder on treating scalp infections and dandruff.

The natural dandruff solutions are widely available at the Ayurcentral stores across the city. Check out their amazing range today!

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